Saturday, August 28, 2010

About Make-up and Grooming

You know. When you enter the working realm, and you are in the business industry, working in a majestic office building, where people wear office suits and neckties and shiny black shoes, you are expected to have that corporate look. The Corporate Grooming.

What you wear is one of the many attributes in Corporate Grooming. But I don’t really mind that. I’m like wearing baju kurung almost every day now because it’s the month of Ramadhan (padahal dah gemuk)

I have a problem. I don’t know how (and refuse) to doll myself up with cosmetics. Or simply put – I tak pandai make-up.

I have a complete skincare regime and ritual that I follow – facial wash, scrub, toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, pimples cream, sunscreen, night cream… you name it.

But for make-ups… On daily basis – no, even for some special date or dinner or special events – after all my skincare ritual of toner-eyecream-moisturizer-sunscreen (morning), I’ll simply apply baby powder on my face (gila kampung!). Because I heard before that compact powders aren’t good for the skin – they get stuck in your pores. I heard/read la. But sometimes I apply la jugak after a thin layer of baby powder. Especially under my eyes as I always get those panda eyes.

Then I apply blushers on my cheek. Sebab my mum always said muka I pucat. And a layer of natural-orangery colored lipstick. And I’m done!

If ada banyak time baru I apply sikit brown (and only brown! Never black!) eyeliner on my upper eyelids, and lip gloss to my pucks.

My personal definition of make-up is to hinder our imperfections (bad eye day, pimple marks, awfull zits) and improve your facial look. It’s never hey-look-at-me-I’m-wearing-makeup!

A couple of my friends have always asked me if they could doll me up – and I’d always refuse. Because I know I’d wipe it off as soon as they’re done. I just can’t accept it. It just looks so fake and not me. No offence to anyone, really. This is just my personal reaction. But, I did give in – twice, to my friends’ requests (or rather like being forced). The process of make-up-ing me is such a hassle (haha) because I will complain and refuse and kejap kejap calit and sapu away the foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, etc sebab I rasa its toooo obvious and lain and I malu nak striking2. Effa & Darnih endured this moments haha.

I can’t accept black eyeliner – it’s like too dramatic.
I can’t accept eye shadows – it’s just too fake-looking.
I can’t accept red lipstick – it’s too red. Or probably it just doesn’t suit me.
And I don’t know how to wear mascara.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against the ladies (or even guys/gays nowadays) who wear make-ups. Many appear wayyy beautiful and pleasant, and it’s a source of confidence. At times I envy them as well. And rasa diri ini sungguh kampung. I probably need a mindset change.

I tried before. “Nak rajin make-up lah. Gi kerja make-up.” And bought myself a set of make-up stuffs. But alls end dekat dustbin sebab dah expired kot.

Nak la sekali sekala make-up jugak sikit2 kot. For special occasions kan at least.

Anyone can help?

macam ni je, cukup la!


Anonymous said...

Meow! I think there's no need for u to wear make up because u already look great. (sila jan kembang ye) Seriously. :) Pakai sikit2 mcm ko ckp tu maybe ok la. Hee.

fae ramly said...

Less is,senang nk maintain :)

izza` said...

aaa.. tapi aritu my boss complain/comment sbb i tak make-up ngaaa...

a piece of me said...

i use make up to make me look awake. i wish i dont have to. haha

but u, ur blusher to me is enough. nude pon tetap cantik

(ok. on monday i bjou cupcake pls.thnx. i love u)

izza` said...

LOL! tak ikhlas tamoh laaaa!

iyea i look sooo kusam without my blushers. walopn i slalu pkai mcm tak pkai ngee

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