Sunday, June 27, 2010

My BestFriend's Wedding

As much as I wish to menceceh banyak2 about my 1st bestie's wedding, I'm afraid the news is kinda like basi already, since this post is gonna be 10-days late haha gila tak hangat.

But anyways. I'd like to pay a tribute to her by writing randomly whatever that comes on my mind on the name Anies.

Noorr Anis Atiqah Mohd Khuzi. April 25, 1987. Highschool SERATAS. Knew her from Day One in UTP. We sat in a row. We became instant friends. Good cook. Motherly. Very disciplined. SO ready to be a wife - sebab dia selalu bangun paling awal di rumah & dah kemas2, basuh baju ksyuk-ksyuk di toilet kuat2 pagi2. Selalu paksa saya habiskan makanan - kalau tak dia mula berhujah pasal peluh petani.We're roomates during foundation 2nd. It was when she met her now-hubby, which we all call Abang Jeloy, senior from our Silat Cekak Malaysia in UTP. Their relationship started with lots of dugaan & halangan & cabaran from external, but it all proved em wrong when they tied the knot on June 18, 2010 recently.

I love you babe. Congratulations :')

note: Photos available in facebook here!

Friday, June 25, 2010

kaunter pertanyaan

ok kawan kawan. saya dah buka kaunter pertanyaan. since ramai complain sebab saya tak meng kasi kebenaran untuk menjadi sahabat saya di facebook which thus mereka rasa susah nak ber komunikasi atau bertanya soalan, maka saya dengan ini telah melanggani formspring - sejenis lawan web tidak sosial, tetapi sedikit interaktif. kamu tanya. bila saya rajin saya jawab. sila pastikan soalan yang senonoh sahaja.
cuba lah hari ini.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lagi Pasal Tunang

Okay people. I have a confession to make.

As much as I WISH to - no, I am not engaged. The previous post was just a 'teaser' for THIS post.

So. To those who congratulated me. Thanks! bwahahaha sila ambil balik kongratulasi anda. & Ilya, sila jangan maki saya kuat2 di ofc. ROTFLOL.

Okay so back to the main purpose of this post la. Which was personally requested by the gadis herself. Here's to you, babe ;)

Oh oh but before that nak iklan 'rumah Ida' dulu! Where us girls had an overnight before the engagement day.

Memang terbaik untuk slumber party & pillow fight

Oh & I bought along my Monolopy Deal card game. Its like main monopoly but with cards - and its even crueler! Sawan budak2 ni main! We played up till 4am and later sambung pillow talk up to 5am. Sejam lagi dah bangun Subuh and taking turns mandi and berebut cermin.

Okay okay. So this is the actual celebrated gadis. My roomate of 3.5 years back in UTP, my coursemate of 4.5 years, colleagues in the same company (tho I'm in KLCC & she's in Kerteh), and up till now, a dear friend of mine. Syaima'.

The event took place on Sunday, 6th of June 2010, at the girl's house in USJ4.

Gila la khusyuk semua mendengar kata2 aluan dr si penunang

Awaiting THE call

Saat cincin disarungkan nenek mertua

Para mamarazzi tak bertauliah kepochi di persisiran tangga

Lucky shot

Oh oh ini la Anis! & her fiance. She's the 1st to be engaged - Syaima' 2nd of my gedis housemates gang. They're getting married next week! Yaay ke Perak pulak we all go!!!

Bersama anak2 dara Pakcik Tuan Hassan

Darling Muggle mates - creme de la cremes of ICT/BIS of our batch bwahaha

"All the single ladies! *clap clap* All the single ladies~"

kalau tak kepochi tu bukan kitorg la

"ok korang, kira 1 2 3 pastu gelak k? 1.. 2.. 3!" - moment ni aku mcm malu gila semua makcik2 tengok kita ok

wakil house V5K-T4yang hadir


muka commercial Anep depan camera itu memag tak boleh elak

Last but not least, the Penunang and myself :)

Happy fer yah babe. Tapi aku dah takut dengan Umi mu yang "Izza bila lagi? Nak Umi tolong cari ke?" waaaaaaaaahhh~


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Saya Sudah Tunang

Yaay I'm engaged!

tapi takpe, jangan kecewa dunia. sebab saya baru tunang. (read: belum kahwin) so sempat la kalo sape2 ade nak buat confession lagi. hahahahahaha~ (sila refer the pic above to imagine me laughing secara tak senonoh begini)

note: ok syaima' mesti bising i tak buat lagi 'special' post for her haha

Monday, June 7, 2010

Lucky Winner your ass

I checked my Spam Mails in my Yahoo email account today. I bet many of you also receive these email from especially foreign names claiming you won something2 on something2, kindly provide details blablabla. OK I'm quite sure im IT-literate (and not stupidly greedy) enough to believe. But this particular email almost made me believe and I could bet there would actually be people falling for this. Read up.


Petroliam Nasional Berhad(PETRONAS). <-hello, this is my company, freak!
Tower 1
Petronas Twin Towers
Kuala Lumpur City Centre(KLCC)
50088 Kuala Lumpur

PETRONAS a Leading Oil and Gas Multinational Of Choice proudly announces to you as one of her 25 lucky winners worldwide in it's Secured Online Promotion.

You are therefore entitled to a Total payout of TWO MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATE DOLLARS ($2,500,000.00USD) in cash in this category.

This Promotion was held at the Prestigious Petronas Twin Towers(Currently the Tallest Building in Malaysia) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia through a secured automated powered ballot where over 50,000 email addresses from all over the world were being collected for the draw. The purpose for this Promotion is an avenue to appreciate all customers who have patronized us over the years both from Malaysia and worldwide as a whole, the promotion is also geared at bringing PETRONAS close to the world for advertising its exquisite brands of products.

The following are your winning Informations to be kept confidential, your claims agent is the only authorised person you are required to disclose these informations to for processing:

TICKET NUMBER ------------------60876KS652M,
WINNING NUMBERS ------------------ 85083457
RAFFLE DRAW NUMBERS ------------------1982-02
SECURITY NUMBER ------------------------- 0202.
REFERENCE NUMBER----------------- PET/43824394763/08

You being Authorised/Mandated by this notification which takes immediate effect to get in touch with your claims officer whom your entitlement has been drafted to for onward assistance and disbursement with the following informations


Petroliam Nasional Berhad(PETRONAS)
Tower 1
Petronas Twin Towers
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur

All the Members and Staff Of PETRONAS congratulates you for being a winner of its promotion as we hope that you would take the time to Patronize us in the near future to have a taste of our Exquisite brands of products.

Yours Truly,
Mrs.Omo Fausty.
Online coordinator,
Sweepstakes International Program.
Open 7 days 8am-11pm.


The first few paragraphs made my heart pound (nervous la ni ingat betul2). I siap dah fikir eh, the system must have not double checked my name in staff list. Staff kan not eligible to win such promotions. But it was kinda funny cause the amount stated was in USD. I scrolled further down & saw the form requesting for personal details. Pastu lagi suruh reply email to - VERY FUNNY. apesal HK tiba2 pulak kan. Come oooon!

But. Just to warn in case someone's google-ing for the authentication of such email, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE OUT SUCH PERSONAL INFO!

Sengal punya Mrs Omo Fausty. If she even exists.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


“Za, how do you define ‘me-time’?”

Aaa… Kayh. So. To me. Me-time is the time that I got to spend with me. OK lame.

It’s the time when I got these extra hours to do things I wanted to do in a peaceful, relaxed, and no rush manner. No oh-esok-kerja-kena-tido, No ala-baju-tak-lipat lagi, No ngaa-bilik-tak-kemas. Nak chill je.

“Kau busy sangat ke wei sampai takde masa sangat?”

No its not busy kerja ke ape. (ay ada la jugak kerja, busy la jugak k). But to actually find quality alone time is not easy these days. On weekdays, sampai rumah dah malam. Nak unpack & repack gym attire, basuh-sidai-lipat baju, kemas bilik, prepare baju kerja esok pulak, kemas bilik, blablabla. & nowadays its like once a month je I got the time to switch on my laptop & do some serious blogging, picture photoshopping, web-surfing & stuff. Elsetime, I just go online thru my Blackberry – which kinda limits the web-surfing satisfaction. Nonetheless, its SO handy when it comes to instant messaging & Facebook-ing .

“Amende yang kau nak sangat buat time me-time ko tuh?”

Lots! I cam dah lama tak rasa BORED. Its always full of activities. Seronok seronok jugak. But yea, I have to admit at times I do enjoy being quiet and alone for awhile. It’s the time when I can think deep on some of my personal issues. Or just menerawang randomly. I can blog and menceceh sesuka suki on my blog yang if you notice month by month by posts per month makin sangatlah berkurang *sob sob*. I wanna do photoshop-ing. Not the hilangkan-jerawat-dan-parut-and-oh-i-look-flawless-ok-upload-facebook kind of photo editing. Ntah la apa I nak buat kan. But I would really love to take my own sweet time exploring Adobe Photoshop which is a very powerful tool. Play around with the many schemes and effects you can do. Oh I can easily spend hours on it.

Rearranging & re-lipat-ing my whole wardrobe is also something I like to do and I like to do it at super sweet speed. (like lembab gila). Sambil listening to the radio/music. Melalak malu2 sikit. Lipat baju ke segi empat tepat comel2 and pastikan semua sama saiz. Susun ikut kategori baju. Oh suka suka. Now can kurang segi empat tepat sebab kena lipat laju2 je selalu. I pun suka tukar cadar katil.

I love looking back old photos. Well, they aren’t really old – since zaman sekarang semua macam digital. But it’s the sweet sweet moments that I missed.

Yeah sounds boring isn’t it? But I am a boring person anyway hehe.

Note: Friday ni office cuti yay! But my weekend is already full. Babe Syaima’ is getting engaged this Sunday oooh I am so excited! Meeting up my girls & ber gedik gedis hiks! Xoxo

Be good people! And animals. Have a super weekend!

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