Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Bestie Syaima' Got Married

I knooooowww its been a month!!! sorry for the late post haha

Heres a post dedicated to you dear :)

Syaima' Tuan Hassan is the name. Our friendship started way back in January 2005. Got introduced to each other on the very first day of our class in Foundation Year in UTP. We didn't click that instantly like most other frienship cliche claims. We were just-coursemates then, since I have another group of besties.

But the closeness grew. January 2006 I asked her to be my roomate and she said "I do" (haha) so she joined my group of besties & we became besties as well.

We went thru alot together. Alot. Good times..

Bad times.. (haha remember this?)

Menggemuk bersama..

Berjalan-jalan bersama..

Until our final semester in UTP..

Its time to bid farewell to UTP..

& take ownership of Bachelor's Degree scroll..

And so we started our career paths. She landed herself in Kerteh while myself in KLCC. The hanging out became lesser, but once in a while when we meet or talk, it'll seem like we just said goodbye to each other a few days ago. How time flies.

Suddenly she got engaged..

And is now happily married :)

11-12-2010 : Congratulations Syaima' & Amir Farid. I wish you both everlasting love & marriage. Oh Syaim's pregant now btw. Now, they really don't waste any time huh? ;)

Babe, you are full of familial love. Seeing you & your siblings together semua orang akan kata sweet sangat. Never passes prayers. Good sense of fashion. Patient. You're among the best babe to talk heart-to-heart with. Tall *envy*. Never had I imagined you'd be married (and pregant!) this early haha. Busuk itu harus. And no need to mention, manis :) Selamat Pengantin Baru darling! xoxo

Now. Who's up next? ;)


eVy-D-YaNa said...

nice & sweet entry! :)

miss ilya said...

rambot awak cantikkk!!
tp awak pakai tudung lg cantik :)

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

Haha.. a knock out list..

izza` said...

hehe. haha. ngee!

syaima' said...

izza. izza. idja. zaa....


terharu maru smpi menitik air mata ni.-again~-

sayang kamu sgt2. hope this friendship remains until we die. mwhas mwahs..

kita try hang out2 gak ek? i'll try my best~! blk je kl, sy roger. nguu

izza` said...

memang hobi sy menangis kan kamu hihi ;)

rijaluddin said...

awk ni dah bertudung..kalau boleh, elak la dr letak pic yg free hair..sia2saja org tgk rambut awk.. sorii

izza` said...

dear rijaluddin,
1. i dont deny my past.
2. those are old pics of me.
3. that was me.
4. and im sorry if the image disturbs u.
5. but that is still me & the memories of my past.

rijaluddin said...


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