Sunday, June 27, 2010

My BestFriend's Wedding

As much as I wish to menceceh banyak2 about my 1st bestie's wedding, I'm afraid the news is kinda like basi already, since this post is gonna be 10-days late haha gila tak hangat.

But anyways. I'd like to pay a tribute to her by writing randomly whatever that comes on my mind on the name Anies.

Noorr Anis Atiqah Mohd Khuzi. April 25, 1987. Highschool SERATAS. Knew her from Day One in UTP. We sat in a row. We became instant friends. Good cook. Motherly. Very disciplined. SO ready to be a wife - sebab dia selalu bangun paling awal di rumah & dah kemas2, basuh baju ksyuk-ksyuk di toilet kuat2 pagi2. Selalu paksa saya habiskan makanan - kalau tak dia mula berhujah pasal peluh petani.We're roomates during foundation 2nd. It was when she met her now-hubby, which we all call Abang Jeloy, senior from our Silat Cekak Malaysia in UTP. Their relationship started with lots of dugaan & halangan & cabaran from external, but it all proved em wrong when they tied the knot on June 18, 2010 recently.

I love you babe. Congratulations :')

note: Photos available in facebook here!

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