Wednesday, June 2, 2010


“Za, how do you define ‘me-time’?”

Aaa… Kayh. So. To me. Me-time is the time that I got to spend with me. OK lame.

It’s the time when I got these extra hours to do things I wanted to do in a peaceful, relaxed, and no rush manner. No oh-esok-kerja-kena-tido, No ala-baju-tak-lipat lagi, No ngaa-bilik-tak-kemas. Nak chill je.

“Kau busy sangat ke wei sampai takde masa sangat?”

No its not busy kerja ke ape. (ay ada la jugak kerja, busy la jugak k). But to actually find quality alone time is not easy these days. On weekdays, sampai rumah dah malam. Nak unpack & repack gym attire, basuh-sidai-lipat baju, kemas bilik, prepare baju kerja esok pulak, kemas bilik, blablabla. & nowadays its like once a month je I got the time to switch on my laptop & do some serious blogging, picture photoshopping, web-surfing & stuff. Elsetime, I just go online thru my Blackberry – which kinda limits the web-surfing satisfaction. Nonetheless, its SO handy when it comes to instant messaging & Facebook-ing .

“Amende yang kau nak sangat buat time me-time ko tuh?”

Lots! I cam dah lama tak rasa BORED. Its always full of activities. Seronok seronok jugak. But yea, I have to admit at times I do enjoy being quiet and alone for awhile. It’s the time when I can think deep on some of my personal issues. Or just menerawang randomly. I can blog and menceceh sesuka suki on my blog yang if you notice month by month by posts per month makin sangatlah berkurang *sob sob*. I wanna do photoshop-ing. Not the hilangkan-jerawat-dan-parut-and-oh-i-look-flawless-ok-upload-facebook kind of photo editing. Ntah la apa I nak buat kan. But I would really love to take my own sweet time exploring Adobe Photoshop which is a very powerful tool. Play around with the many schemes and effects you can do. Oh I can easily spend hours on it.

Rearranging & re-lipat-ing my whole wardrobe is also something I like to do and I like to do it at super sweet speed. (like lembab gila). Sambil listening to the radio/music. Melalak malu2 sikit. Lipat baju ke segi empat tepat comel2 and pastikan semua sama saiz. Susun ikut kategori baju. Oh suka suka. Now can kurang segi empat tepat sebab kena lipat laju2 je selalu. I pun suka tukar cadar katil.

I love looking back old photos. Well, they aren’t really old – since zaman sekarang semua macam digital. But it’s the sweet sweet moments that I missed.

Yeah sounds boring isn’t it? But I am a boring person anyway hehe.

Note: Friday ni office cuti yay! But my weekend is already full. Babe Syaima’ is getting engaged this Sunday oooh I am so excited! Meeting up my girls & ber gedik gedis hiks! Xoxo

Be good people! And animals. Have a super weekend!


a piece of me said...

yes darl,

photoshop can do wonders!!! :D


if you nak masok the 'cool' list ah, kalau tanak takpe~~~~

wakakakak :P

izza` said...

bwahaha! tak habis2 ngn 'cool' list ituh! takper la wey. nnt i buat list baru jer la. bnyk btol criterion la haha

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