Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Me. Flu. Sro0ot!

Its my first time on MC eversince I started working. Bukan skema tak pernah buat2 sakit untuk cuti selama 4 bulan lepas - I was, after all, been a kaki ponteng sejak lah zaman kanak2 ribena. Tapi now dah kerja ni kena lah be more responsible kan.

I'm having a terrible flu since yesterday. All of a sudden je. I was sneezing non-stop in the office. & my throat is killing me. Even during departmental meeting, I was busy with tissues. Siap kena usik "Izza cover sedih sebab ..... " erm. Ade lah tu. True I'm having heavy feelings, but oh well, life has to go on. Nothing lasts.

So I was thinking. How did I fall this sick? Its been quite some time since I last got this silly flu & fever thingy. I remembered I had always been a sick child eversince I was young. Sangat senang jatuh sakit. But I distinctly remembered, somewhere in 2008 I think. I got myself the regular medical checkup in Sabah. I flew back Tronoh before getting my results. The doctor called me saying my immune system level is very low, & that I need to get a jab a.s.a.p.

See. Assume our antibody's full count is 100. Mine was at 21. No wonder laa senang sakit. So I got myself a Hepatitis B Booster jab at UTP's clinic. & I think I've been in a good health ever since. Jarang gile sakit la. Bukan nak berlagak oke. Takde makne nak berlagak bende nih.

I guess the immunity booster thingy is wearing off.

But I did get myself an Influenza Type A jab about a month ago, in preparation for the overseas winter vacation kan. Cam takde beza jek. I'm with flu now!

I kept thinking, what made me fell sick. Then I came with these possibilities:
  1. I was playing with Daniel the kitten too much over the weekend. Sleeping together too. But I've always been sleeping with cats dari kecik. Tak mungkin I have allergies to cats?
  2. I went for site survey-ing with a colleague this recent Sunday. Whole day, since early morning. Tak biasa kena panas kot. Yer la, masuk keluar office je kan hari2. Mana pernah berjemur. Tapi ade ke jadik flu sebab kena panas?
  3. I was on spring-cleaning mode last Saturday. Since its so rare that I got to spend time at home during weekends. & I kesian tengok Daniel yang baru sampai my house, so excited exploring every corner & lobang, macam dah jadi penyapu - bulu die dah sapu semua sawang2. Guess habuk2 kena I, thats why I sakit kot. But I was fine on Sunday?
& I still couldn't figure out why...

Its the worst gargle/mouth wash ever! Iodine-colored. Smells bad. & tastes really bad! Ugh! But I had to take it in - my throat's a hell (T_T)

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hezzard7 said...

~hope u r feelin better

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