Saturday, February 13, 2010

Clueless me.

I think
I love my alone time
I appreciate moments when I'm alone
I'm free to ponder
Free to dream
Free to think of many things
The things I've pushed aside
Things I've oh-okay-ed at
When I'm actually not

But I think that's how I've been happy
Or maybe put on a happy face at least
It works

But now that I have some alone time
All those things came back to me
& this time I'ma ponder over it
With my own sweet time
& to actually ask my heart
My heart which has always been tolerating
How are you feeling actually, my heart?
& I'm yet to receive an answer..

I'm plainly clueless of who I am.

Sat, 4.25pm - otw back Kelantan.

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