Friday, August 28, 2009

KL, here I come!

I'll be moving to KL tomorrow. My flight's at 4.10pm. I got like a lorry of stuffs to bring along. & I dont know how I'll pass the baggage check in without being charged for overweight (not me, the bag! the bag!)

Okay so I'm really nervous. & I dont know heck what I'm nervous about. I thought I was super thrilled when I've gotten the offer letter. To got to know that I'll get to see my friends more often. Got to be nearer to my kampung Kelantan. Less parental control. et cetera.

So why this nervousness?

Probably its the beginning of a new life. Being away from comfort zone. Not having the people you are familiar with around. & of course, my new azam (bukan Syaima' punya). Or niat, as mentioned in some previous post, is getting me anxious. Going to work naik LRT (lets see how long I can stand this). Meeting new people. Stepping into my 1st real job's office! *pengsan*

I think I might get Panic Attacks.

Anyways. Guess there will be less online activities for me then. Until everything's settled. No blogging. Less Facebook-ing. Maybe some quick chats only. Thinking of getting a Celcom Broadband.. Sorry my ex internship-company-client, P1. Im getting nicer reviews on Celcom Broadband instead.

Anyways lagi. I sampai Jumaat malam. Tido rumah Sya dulu kot. Next morning, if my parents coming to KL as well, I'm picking them up at KLIA then can go see the house at Taman Melati terus la. Sleep there terus I guess. But. If my parents aren't coming. Takkan I nak tido sorang2 lak kan Saturday night tu? ngu chuak lak. My other housemate, Cik S will be coming Sunday night. hurm..

I thank you awal2 to my dear2 friends who offered help awal2. The muscle men: Charles, Azam, Anep, Azmi. Girly companions: Sya & Syaima'. Will see bile eh. If my parents not coming, then I holler u ols ehe

Btw. FYI. Cik S & I will be moving in to the mentioned before Melati Impian Apartment. Gee I hope its in good condition.. So it'll only be the 2 of us dulu. I advertised for the 3rd room in - click here to see the ad & help recommend to anyone who'd be interested for a room. Time being, my Mum will be 'renting' the 3rd room la - her way of helping to lessen the house rental. Thnk u Ma~

So people. Wish me luck for my new chapter of life! (>.<)

selingan. advertisement. iklan. commercial. tambahan. additional.

I think she's pregnant!

Spot the kucing.

His favorite spot to sleep.

Afternoon nap. (hoh wak malu btino tido hok gini)

Aww the tired Big Momma..

...cane I nak pindah KL cmni? (T_T)


sWeetyaNies said...

gud luck babe...I'm pray for u..sorry x pat datang weekend neyh sbb Puan A blk, blom lagi mahu susahkan u..gud luck ya..
P/S: x sangka jadik org pertama yg komen..ahaks!!!

kEyrOL~ said...

gud luck makcik!

izza` said...

ooh Puan A blk Perlop ke..? ala.. kimslm makcik eh~ & pet baru dorang tu ehe.. ish mane ade Puan susahkn.. kalo Puan A ada lagi best, leh mintak teman shopping nge...

tengkiuk kerol!

BadRina said...

Izzaaa~~ OMG i kind of get the chills myself ere. Moving into the next phase, starting a new life. Im so happy to hear dat u got kl, oh how i wish ill get kl too. Nway, all da freakin best! Tc n hf~!! :x

Drum Kit said...

lebih byk difikirkan masalah, lebih byk rembesan gelisah dititiskan ke arah hati (yg secara amnya mengawal perasaan). Usah terlalu difikirkan, redah aja kl itu.

izza` said...

Syahed syg~ ala u org KL gak! why the chills! LOL! go0d luck for the upcoming interview! X)

Pdus. ayat ko. mcm dr textbook Bio pun ada. dr novel sastera pn ade. pape pon. ye mmg akan ku redah awan2 KL tuh~

Hannah said...

izza.. chaiyokk2~` hopefully sempat give u a visit and hangout.. ngehee~~` u'll (+ charlz jugak~) do just fine.. dun worry yep..

p/s: celcom brooadband agak slow if u wanna download stuffs.. my osmet use it.. uhuks~`

izza` said...

dont forget Malini! X) oh for sure sempat nye lah. I'll be lingering around for at least 1 year round XD

yerkew slow Hannah? Chz is using it too kot. nga.. if not celcom, nk pkai ape lak..

Charlz said...

haha.. dupdup dupdup dupdup X) nerve-wrecking? kikiki

celcom broadband ok je.. but i gune rm98 package tau.. faster speed la :)

tp izza, mebe u already know kot.. if u gune celcom broadband.. highly probable that u wont be able to download movies/series byk2 la.. sbb fair-usage quality policy that every user 1 month uses max of 5GB data only.. if over 5GB b4 the month is over, u'll still get to on9 albeit a much slower speed.. GPRS kot. mane leh survive. hahaha X)

Jo said...

(hoh wak malu btino tido hok gini) <-- r u trying too speak in Kelantan dialect? hahaha..

btw.. 3g broadband performance depend on where u use it.. n also how many other people use it at the same time.. my experience.. 1 eps of House MD took +- 5hrs..

Anonymous said...

:: pesanan dari org yg baru kije 3 bulan ::

Stepping into my 1st real job's office! <--- tgk caner first 3 months... if you can be patient (dgn new life, new surrounding, office politics ect ect. ) , then you'll be fine... hehe~

Going to work naik LRT (lets see how long I can stand this). <-- LRT is fun la~! (although my place xder LRT. hua3)

bdw, gud luck dgn kerja~

ladycapulet said...

how i wish i can rent the 3rd room (my bf is living somewhere in taman melati) jealous!

AlexAlabasta said...

good luck izza~!

ururu said...

welcome to the home of the people..

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