Saturday, October 31, 2009

Confession of a Spending-holic

Just a recap of what's been up for the past few days :)

John came by KLCC. So what does this mean? A rendezvous of course! Yay! Oh oh. Before that. I'm having financial problem lah. Er. Or. More like spending problem lah hehe. Imagine at certain days, like on this particular Tuesday, I'm having breakfast at Old Town Kopitiam (oke la jugak gak, altho I dengan tamaknye ordered Mee Kari pagi2 buta tuh), lunch at San Francisco Coffee's (just to avoid the crowd in foodcourt. As well as to satisfy Effa & mine's craving for pastas!), and.. dinner at Madam Kwan's. So.. Iyea.. RM50 a day just for meals? Someone slap me on the face please...

Anyways. We had a great time catching up with each other then. There were John, Charles, Malini, & Ejan. & when you're hanging out with your besties, you just dont notice the time! We were at Madam Kwan's for like 5 hours! 5.30-10.30pm. You bet, we were the longest staying customer!

p/s: John nak gamba! & thanks for the bangle! :D

Our level, a.k.a. the R-Club, is organizing weekly jogging every Wed evening, around the KLCC park. The recent Wed was a restart, since they had a break during the Ramadhan month. Well. After months of NO EXERCISE, I'm finally kick-starting jogging with my fellow colleagues. I'm like bangga gila nih nak kepoh pasal I jogged 3km++! Well not exactly jogged all the way la. 1km walk to warm up. 1km jog (tak stop okee!), & 1km walk again to cool down. But.. alas.. we went to mamak for dinner. hahaha!

I was expecting body aches all over the following day, but hey! No aches! I'm fit okee! LOL!

What did I do on Thurs eh? Erm. Owh. I had a generous helping on sushi! for lunch, at Prince Hotel. Oh oh sedapnye sushi.. Then I attended a meeting for the rest of the evening..

So I went back late. Alone. Jln la g LRT tu sorang2. Naik la LRT tu sorang2. Cuci mata la sorg2. Turun la LRT sorang2. Jalan la gi kereta sorg2. Turun la gi kereta sorg2.. and as I turun tangga tu, I jeling kereta I yg terpacak kat parking VIP tuh...

Again. wtf? Ade along tuang cat kat kereta aku ke weyh? Tapi kalo along kan cat merah. Ade construction ke kt LRT nih? I watched the roof. Takde pon. Dengan berdebar2 nye aku turun & menghampiri kereta ku..

Aku pun calit sejari dekat benda putih atas kereta tuh...

Fuuh... habuk jee~~ Tak tau la. habuk ke water-based paint ke tah la kan. But the thing was not something permanent la. It was calit-able. Means removable la tu kan? So.. Iyea. It rained the next day, kereta I bagai dicuci la. The stain was gone. Pheww~~

Yay Friday! Sebab ape I love Friday? Because it marks the end of weekdays - the end of working day - the starting of weekend! Yaaay! and also.. longer lunch hour!!! When lunch hour is long.. What do we do girls? Shopping~~!

So. Iyea. I TERshopping with my darling colleague slash BFF-in-the-ofc, Effa. Mula2 saje usha2 G2000 dalam Parkson tu. Ambil2 je try2. Da jumpe yg berkenan, baru noticed: Eh. 50% off lahh~ Dan2 rupanya Parkson anniversary konon ye. Macam tau2 je orang2 kerja baru dapat gaji kan, diorang pun anniversary kaaan~? But bagus la. Discount helps us to save, kan kan? (ke lagi membazir, sebab tamak?) As I was about to pay, salesgirl tu tanya, "ada Bonuslink tak?" - "if takde, tak boleh la dapat 20% lagi discount ni". Whoot? Ada 20% discount lagi on top of that 50%? "Gi la buat Bonuslink card. Free je. Dkat Customer Service kat atas ni" ujar gadis sales ituh. Weeyy banyak tuu 20% lagi! So.. Iyea. You guessed it. Of course I went to buat card dulu! hahaha~

Then. Dah nak bayar ni. Dah queue kat counter nih. Tapi counter nih dekat laa pulak dgan shoes punya section. & Lewre was on 50% sale! OMG.. I just had to get that mustard clog! So.. Iyea. Another unnecessary pair of shoe is bought into collection.. Sigh.. & I just bought another purple flats on Monday! Tolong.. sape nak jage my purse...

(erk terbalik la pulak pic nih. okay imaginarily rotate the image by 180 degrees ye hehe)

Iyea. Those are the shoes that I've bought in the past 2 months. I love Charles & Keith shoes, which explains how I bought all three pairs of em (most top, 3 shoes from left) in one shopping spree. Comel kan the purple flats from Vincci? Bought at RM38 je, with Effa's special birthday discount whee~. & thats the mustard-colored clog (lower, left most) of Lewre I was talking about. Oh I fell in love with it the moment I saw it!

A male colleague asked "Izza, you ade berapa kaki ni?". & I was like err... (boleh lagi kan nak berkira2 kaki ada berapa). Iyea. Macam la kaki I banyak cam ulat gonggok kan? Eee tanak tanak~ but shoes are so0o menggoda~

So. Thats it. The Confession of a Shop-a-Holic yang baru dapat 2nd gaji.


BadRina said...

OMG izza! Shoes!! (-_-!)~~~

Remember, we cant shop for shoes together, not now not neva! ;P

kEyrOL~ said...

aiyoyyo makcik!~
sila pakai cawat besi kt purse.ahahaha!~

mashimarossa said...

Iza adalah Iza

what more can I say


daju said...


byk ok kasut..boleh geng ngn hanum..ahhah..

naik LRT sorg2..jalan sorg2..cuci mata sorg..sempat lagi tuh..ahah

best gile pg jogging..daju xstart jogging lagi..i think i have too..

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

haha.. I also have as much shoes as you do.. :P

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