Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sorry for Ignoring You...

Haiii Blog~~~! *jerit kuat2*

Lately macam suka menjerit. (uih lately je kah?) Tak faham kenapa. Macam excited je selalu.

Anyways. Waa.. kasihan blog ku yang lama terdampar.. minta maaf blog ku~ *gesek2 pipi dgan blog*

I've been attending the PE*RONAS Induction for Executives (PIPE) for the past 17 days. It was held in PE*TRONAS Management Training (PERMATA), Bangi. Not that I have no internet access for the past weeks - I do have my broadband with me - but just could not find time (and that certain mood) to blog.

Nah. Macam sekarang pun. Tak tau ape nak tulis. Ngaaap...

Will post up link to my fb's photo album laytah la. Malas la nak upload gambar sini.

Ape I merapu nieh. Macam da hilang bakat blogging pulak (ceh ceh macam berbakat).

Pape pon. PIPE 48 was a great experience for me. I got to know many new people & 've gotten new great friends. Shared laughs & tears. Got to know my company better - like brainwashed! We had our late nights, staying up til 1 2 am just to complete group assignments; we helped each other alot in order to complete tasks; we shared thoughts & feelings. It felt like one big family. & it felt good.

& I'm missing the people already :(

Good Luck in your future endeavors, dear PIPErs 48. May our paths crosses again :)

PIPE48. G1. Professionalism.


Charlz said...

yeeeha!! X)

raydcza said...

Ohohoho.. group Professionalism gak... junior I rupenye XD

[YeOp] said...

why did u put the * whenever u mentioned PETRONAS?

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