Saturday, December 5, 2009

Of Randomities

Disebabkan saya sangat suka hati dapat memeruk kat rumah hari ni, disamping random visits from my babes from UTP (sangat RnR rumah aku!), saya telah memutuskan untuk balas dendam blogging segala cerita yang lama terpendam hihi. Layan je la yek.

I 'skinned' my laptop. Ceh skin la sangat. Sebenarnya wall sticker yg berlebihan hihi. Tapi I buat cantek oke! heee~

macham cool kan? :p (cheap attempt to furbish my lappy)

I took this shot on 7.11pm, 25/11/2009 with my Lexie (aperture priority, F/2.3, 1/200sec) from my room's window. I thought it was a unique view - the vertical sunset light.

Oh. Hannah's off to Segamat, Johor today. She'll be with Pet Gas Berhad (PGB). We had a small rendezvous on Friday. All the best my friend, may you get to find hot guys there XD

Christmas spirit is in the air. In KLCC, most of the stores are red-decorated. My friends & I have always admired the festive setup in KLCC Concourse.

My babes Anies, Oyen & Diba came by today. Anies for a sleepover while Oyen & Diba pitstop before shooting back to Perak again after their interview in Damansara - Congrats btw babes! Tho they came for like very few hours je, we had quality time. Its never boring when you're with your besties!

Despite today's events, I still consider its a VERY RELAXING day! Oh how I love weekends. & luckily, a weekend consists of TWO day! Hurrayh! XD


profwacko said...

i like design yg depan tu..

summore bleh tengok a reflection of someone taking pictures. tu definitely laa u kan?? hahaa

zara said...

nice sunset view

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

i have a smiley t shirt too.. haha..

not relevant but saje nk jgk.. :P

izza` said...

profwacko: oh yes, definitely me hihi

zara: nais kaaan~ i saw it 1 eve, & i knew i gotta snap it!

john: haha. xpe john. ade relevancy jugak stil hehe any comments frm u is always welcomed!

oyenks said...

hua, tak puas spend time arituu
but at least i tried jugak nak jumpe u. ikutkan plan asal stay jap umah kakak diba. lepas rindu sedikittt
if got time, we must spend time together lagik!

izza` said...

uh babe. i know, susahkn korg je ek dtg huhu tq tq sudi gak dtg umah ku.

tlg tlg tlg la kerja kt KL gak :')

oyenks said...

tlg tlg tlg la kerja kt KL gak :') ----> teringat ko lompat2 kegembiraan time ktorg bgtaw kiteorg sukses int tu padahal kiteorg kene locate kat jb, haHAha ;D
no worries babe, yg penting kite keep in touch k, insyaAllah next time kita try hangout2 di weekend.its a MUST someday ;)

izza` said...

tak baik gelakkan ak excited~~~! yerla.. ak je la terKINJE nk ngn kowg, nguu... (lama x drama kn? haha)

tapi tapi tapi. musti hangout2 lg! nguaaa~~

oyenks said...

tak baik gelakkan ak excited~~~! yerla.. ak je la terKINJE nk ngn kowg, nguu... (lama x drama kn? haha) ---> ha ah weh, sumpah aku benci ayat ni! sangat konon tak reti nak pujuk camne wahkahkah, nak bg ayat ape yg da best untuk pujuk..

next a MUST event : rumah anes !

aNies said...


mari datang ke rumahku!!!!

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