Tuesday, February 16, 2010

There! Ignored!

You see. I don't really understand why. Some people are so bothered to somewhat like 'collect' friends in their Facebook and/or Friendster.

You got lotsa friends = You're popular\


When I had a Friendster profile once upon a time ago, I wasn't choosy of who I add la. Ade je friend request accept aje. To the extent it reached 1000 & you can no longer add new friends. Sengal, terpaksa create profile baru. Now I find Friendster to be too fancy mancy menyakitkan mata.

Then I found Facebook. Looks decent. Until they came up with a bit TOO MUCH of the stupid gifts & questionnaires. Fine. Maybe I'm not much of a sport, fine. I'm not bothered by whos playing it anyway. Eh jap. Ape I membebel pasal ni pulak.

I wanted to rant about the some people who simply like to collect friends. Ade yg when I checked the person's profile when he requested friend request, 300+ friends & semua aweks je! From the seksi meksi to bertudung jangok2 punya (berdasarkn profile pic mereka la). Takde makne aku naik join collection gadis ko wey!

Guess what. I can safely say that, my list of ignored friends is more than that I've accepted.

2 hari I tak bukak Facebook & I got 10 friend requests. Which I ignored all due to tak kenal reasons. Tak faham. Kalau I letak gambar seksi yg bak buah dada nak terkeluar tu faham la jugak orang berebut nak add I kaaan. Punya lah suci lagi penyanyang profile pic I tuh pegang kucing. Tak tipu tak faham.

click image to enlarge. kalau nak tgk la. haha. content edited for tutup aib org purposes.

But. Not all who tried to add had such intentions la. I know some are my juniors/seniors from previous schools/univ. Some are my blog 'fans' (duh!) But.. I'm just very particular with whom I add in my Facebook. Its very personal to me, & only the people I personally know/spoken with je I usually add.

So please. Please. Jangan ambil hati if I have not accepted you in Facebook. Its a personal thingy :)

Oh btw. Disebabkan bawak laptop balik kampung & cousin2 kecik macam jadikan bilik cousin I sorg ni mcm cyber cafe - 2 3 bijik laptop skali derang gomol2. Laptop I tibe2 crash ke naik sawan ke whatsoever la. Terus tak boleh startup. Beengong. My cousin helped to reformat my laptop, & installed it with Windows 7 - & I am loving it baby! Thnk u Pae'! Tgk la screenshot kat atas tu heee cool gila~


AlexAlabasta said...

Good job, girl!

nabilatiqah said...

people are just love to see u dear. some people could even get inspired by just seeing ur pretty face! but u deserve the privacy too. maybe u should fully utilize the facebook privacy application. :)

p/s: jarang je visit blog2 org nie. tiba2 rasa nk comment plak ;)

izza` said...

ah? knape good job pulak nymq? ehe

ooh Bella! mmg anda julung2 kali comment! terharu nyer! ehee. thnks fr the sincere comment :) rase dah habis restricted dah profile view for non-friends. aah.. nvm~

aizatk said...

same cases wif me..
i wrote similiar post in my blog.hehe

kEyrOL~ said...

Kalau I letak gambar seksi yg bak buah dada nak terkeluar tu faham la jugak orang berebut nak add I kaaan

*perlu ke statement cmni makcik??? blog makcik da x sesuai utk below 18. x boleh la aq baca lagi pasneh. ahaha

profwacko said...

Bila tengok balik printscreen tu..

"DOne, but with errors on page".

Huhu.. sampai dapat error c izza nie reject orang.
Nak add you jugak, tapi better just read ur blog here. lagi best!!

Charlz said...

you could 'mark' that u don't know him/her :) tp mcm sume 'him' je.. hahaha.. kelakar la babe :)

paling xle tahan: Kalau I letak gambar seksi yg bak buah dada nak terkeluar tu faham la jugak orang berebut nak add I kaaan


izza` said...

heey Chz, re read! ade 2 3 girls jugak out of the 10 okee! ehe

ooh it seems that many enjoyed that part. some even pm me just to kudos me on that sentence. lol. gee. pervertos lah korg. haha.

oh thnks profwacko. pernah kene reject friend request ke? sori sori :p

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