Sunday, March 21, 2010

Zee Avi Live in KL wheee~~`

So I went to little Ms Zee Avi's concert just now. It was made live in Life Centre, Kuala Lumpur.
Upon arrival in front of Life Centre, we were stunned by the queue! Berlingkar okee depan tu. Dangg. Never knew Zee Avi was quite a hit jugak. Ingatkan kitorg je yang sawan kan dia.

I guess you would rather call it a gig rather than concert. A decent gig I would say. Kalau lagu jazz/blues by Zee Avi orang nak loncat2 tak berbaju tu memang aku tak paham la.

Theres our adorable, international-local singer. Cool gila. Sempoii je die.

With total slumber-ness sambil minum air dari mineral bottle, she lazily said "KL make some noise for me~" & the crowd goes "WoOoOoOoOoOoOoo~~!"
Dato' Tony Fernandes duduk atas sana. Upper deck. Tiket RM55 sila jengket2 kaki je kat lower deck ye.

She sang about.. what, 10 songs je kot.

Her solo performance. She actually said her closing speech & left the stage already, until the crowd starts roaring "we want more" and "one more song". She came back to the stage & sang Monte.

Just to share my personal faves from her album:
First of the Gang To Die
Just You and Me
Darlin' It Ain't Easy

Way to go Zee Avi!

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a piece of me said...

gile awesome!! tak ajak!!! :P

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