Friday, June 12, 2009

about Facebook

Now. I'm pretty sure all you Facebook-Freaks out there noticed that not-so-tiny-but-often-ignored block of message as soon as you log in to your fb account. Its announcing that "Starting on Saturday, June 13th, at 12:01pm, you'll be able to choose a username for your Facebook account to easily direct friends, family, and coworkers to your profile."

Believe it or not. It is taking the world by storm.

Some of us may not be bothered enough on this matter (that includes me!). But it grabbed my attention when I saw it was headlined in
Bloomberg television today. ow duh! the tv in my house is always tuned into those channels - CNN, AlJazeera, BBC etc

The headline sounded like this : Facebook Users Cancel Friday Night Plans to Claim New Names
click on the link above to view the story on

From my point of view, personally, why bother changing? Why of course everyone has their reasons & yes, we practice personal preference in this world, especially if it involves business with global market. But. As far as I've been using this social network, displaying a person's real name is what makes Facebook look professional; of higher-standard than the other social networking applications. Plus, it makes finding people A WHOLE LOT EASIER, compared to when people use nicknames. I managed to find my cousin thru Facebook by searching the name "Ruth" - thats the name we call her in the family, while her full name is actually Claudia Ruth Yapp. She's more known by the name Claudia, but heck, thanks to Facebook, I still managed to find her. The use of actual name was actually practical! This also explains alot why many working adults nowadays are into Facebook, although they never had MySpace, Friendster, etc. They can connect to their colleagues (and bosses) in an informal & fun way yet maintain being decent. In other words, it doesnt make you look KIDDY! ho yeah u rock Facebook!

But. Oh well. Like it or not, they're implementing this policy. So. Yeah. Soon you can see nicknames like (in Malaysia context) Selipar, BaldiDanGayung, Penagih with the sir name Dadih, Tipah binti Tertipu, and the list goes on. And yeah, you can no longer find your far long cousin Sabariah, cuz she's changed her name to Sabby.
"My nick name is Izza. aww but Izza is taken~ nevermind, let just make it xXxIZzAxXx (What is that? A fence?). or maybe iZzAto0hoT. iZzA-licious? owh I'm so funky!". Its an eyesore. Sorry.

Then again, I respect personal preferences. Go ahead if you wanna change la dude, I won't kutuk. LOL!


AlexAlabasta said...

Yeah!!! That is one of the reason I prefer using Facebook, cos I can locate my friends easily, even long lost friend.

Aish, they're turning less professional la~ I ahte Myspace thingy, so teenagey~

izza` said...

so true babe, so true~ jom bukak group "We Dislike Facebook with Username!" LOL!

Charlz said...

wah.. looks like we got some telepathy connection here.. both blogged about Facebook! :P

Nola izza, nyamouq, i think the nickname/username thingy is only for the URL,


n for ppl that want to be more funky,

or something like that. but i think for the display name at our profile, it will still be our real name.

so, we can still search for ppl's real name or nick name, both will get some results. this is what i understand la from reading this thing here:


izza` said...

LOL! thnks fr the info Chz.

"You can personalize your Facebook URL (web address) by selecting a unique username. It will appear in the location bar of your browser after "" when you view your profile."

Now this is more understandable. (& acceptable too!) it didn't mention about URL in the homepage announcement.

Achan Sinclair said...

At first I saw facebook as messy and complicated social network application. But after I played Mafia Wars in FB, I start thinking FB is awesome dude!!haha

Agree with NymQ, we can find our friend easier using real name in FB. But how abt those who more famous with their nickname rather than his real name..such as NymQ...hehe

izza` said...

actually. i would say Facebook IS complicated! i created an account in 2007, but was never active with it only until late last year! i tot it was very tedious (-_-!) but yeah, its hella fun when u've gotten to familiarize :D

As for ppl with popular nicks like Nymq & Achan NOT Sinclair.. ur oh-so-famous face portrayed as profile pic will do XD

Charlz said...

for ppl that's more famous with nickname, Facebook is unique in the sense that they will be searchable for their real n nick names upon registering their nickname as their username. >.<

Kersani said...

hey, i've added ur blog link on mine.
hope u dont mind. :D

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