Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Filipino Maid Bullying Bos punya Anak

I went to my granny's again today. It seems like that's the place I get 'sensational' news to be shared in my blog eyh? LOL!

My aunt Sharon was showing this video in her E71 phone. She got it from her customer, who happens to be a friend to this person X. This was even in the local news few days back. I also mesti la sebok nak bluetooth jugak :P

Person X lives in Lido housing area, in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. X has kids aged 1 or 2, and another one 3 or 4 years old. While these X parents goes to work in the day, they entrusted their Filipino maid to watch over the kids. They thought everything was just fine.

Until the neighbor tells X, that they often heard their children crying and screaming while the parents were not around. Feeling curious, X installed CCTV in the living room, without the maid knowing of it.

Next thing they know...

Watch this videoclip. Total length is 5 mins, but the latter 2.5mins is just a repetition. Just watch the first 2.5mins.

note: sorry for the low quality video. its actually a camera phone's recording the video from a TV.

As you can see. The maid was feeding the younger kid. Then came the elder kid. It was like the kid wanted to pee/poo or already has (which may be the reason that triggered the maid's MADNESS). You can see there are a series of serious kicking - the kid actually flew! - and hard tugging. What F-ing kind of human being does that? She even stands ON the kid. Well she may not be an obese, but thats a 4 years old kid u're standing on beyotch!



AlexAlabasta said...


Like hell this bi*ch!!!

Astaghfirullahalazim~ (sabar, sabar)

Tolonglah Izza, kalo ko jumpa dia, tolonglah buat sepakan lambung cam die buat kat budak tu dekat madi tuh!!!

I am beyond madness now, argh!!!

Charlz said...

i really did say the F word out loud - stupid mother****ing b*tch. Kesian that boyboy (or girlgirl) fly kena terajang.. n stepping berkali kali on the kid!!! can patah tulang rusuk weh!!! dah la i saw once she kicked at the head... WTF man!!! ni kla jmpe I'll belasah kasi rasa ubat sendiri.. huh!

grrr.. sorry emo terlebih >.< huhu

mye said...

aaaaa bengong nye org tuuuu!!!
omg tolg la seksa pompuan tu klau jumpe die! x mcm pompuan pun. cam animal!
kene tendang terpelanting kot budak tu.. pastu kene tendang kepala, pijak2 lg.. arghhh!! benci nye org tu! ngaaa sgt emo!

Zwei said...

Oh. I saw this video before. An uncle was showing it to me when I was in a saloon. It is cruel and heartless. >.< Mad world huh~

syaima' said...

rupa2 nya ada org yg kejam begini kan? huhu. patut d buang ke laut je kan. so. apa jd dgn maid tu? masuk penjara?

izza` said...

what i knew then is that the maid kene buang kerja la. thats all. i dont know what other charges pressed to her.

buang laut je? ehe if u tgk anak u kene buat cmtu syai, u nk buang die kt laut je ke? i nk buat blk kt die ape die buat kt anak i dlu, tp antar laki yg 3x berat die untuk belasah haha.

oh seronoknye berkongsi emo bersama cmni haha sukew2 respon org~

fradzar said...

dahsyat nye ya Allah.. sedih nya tgk.. =....(

celaka nya manusia mcm nih..

Anonymous said...

get your facts right. this has been in the news a few years back. the maid is indon and has already been sentenced by the court. a little research wouldn't hurt.

Charlz said...

The writer isn't aware of any updates. How do you find updates for a news when all you get is a 3GP video in which the characters featured are unnamed? There's nothing wrong with the facts I think.

But thanks for letting us know what happened to the maid.

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