Sunday, June 14, 2009

That Story

I never walked out of the saloon with a satisfied smile. There’s always something just not right. But this time, it’s just totally NOT RIGHT. Gawd I’m super pissed.

I thought I’d go for a fringe. For a younger look la konon. I asked the lady to cut it slowly as I can’t really tell the exact length, but I DID say nothing shorter than my eyelids first. “ok ok”. She asked me to close my eyes as it might cucuk my eyes. Snip. Snip. Snip. I opened my eyes.

WTF?! It’s about in line with my eyebrow!! And F, it’s queerly cut. F.

So I said its way too short. Cover it by bringing more the back hair to the front. U’re a hairstylist! Do something, its queer! “ok ok”. And walla, she snipped my upper head into like a tempurung, with odd curly medium-length hair left behind. WTF. I was closing my eyes after that. I can’t bear to look at myself at the mirror.

1st thing I did as soon I got back home is to pin my fringe up. & NO I’M NOT GOING TO UPLOAD ANY PICS!

All I can imagine is that this hairstyle looked like Katy Perry. Pretty u think? The difference is, I can’t be wearing thick, drastic make-up everyday. Plus, it doesn’t suit my round face! Oh God, whyever was I so gatal nak jugak pegi saloon.

mine's a bit longer la the fringe. right above the eyebrow i guess.

yea my curly, layered hair at the back is almost something like this. with an uglier fringe.

Alrighty then. End of That Story. (ah okay i got the title for this post!)

note: sorry for the curses in this post. u may read the F word as Fish, if it makes u feel any better.

Now. Its been almost two weeks since I last set my foot on UTP. I’ve always had this heavy feeling of leaving that place. I had lotsa good time there. I met many people and made many new friends. They changed my life. And I am Alhamdulillah, very thankful to them. I miss them badly now :(

I’m looking forward to dedicate a post (maybe several) as a tribute to these special people in my life. As what some has already done. Oh I promise I’ll do my homework someday~

Meanwhile, these are some of the tributes that included myself, made by a couple of my mates. Thanks a bunch u sweet ppl :) I’m sharing it here cuz it means a lot.

Charles. Posted Feb 27, 2009. In his blog here.

Dear Izza,
You have taught me that not everyone can accept us for who we are. This is the facts of life but life does go on. We can't please everyone. So, confidence is the key here but be mindful to draw the line between that from evil arrogance. You don't even realize yourself how confident you are, facing Life! :)
note: midsem break pun belum the time he wrote this. semangat gila! XD

Sweet Saa. Posted on June 2, 2009. In her blog here.

…saya ingin menulis nama setiap kawan yang saya perlu ingat kerana saya seorang yang pelupa dan sangat sangat pelupa tapi takde lah seteruk Nurulizza Ab. Rahman. Iya nama ini sangat perlu saya ingat!! Jikalau saya dipaksa memberikan sepuluh alasan kenapa saya perlu mengingati nama ini, saya rela memberikan sepuluh kali ganda alasan.
♥ Izza aka Idja - kenal dia masa 1st day Minggu Aluan Siswa dan kawan dengan dia sampai sekarang nih. Lama kan kita kawan?? Tak sangka. Budak nih sangat nakal suka suka hati masuk bilik orang pastu main-main rambut orang yang tak bersyampu sebulan lepas tuh tanya dah makan ke belum oh mesti rindu budak nih yang sangat manja macam kucheng!! Idja~!! Tolong lah jangan grad lagi!!!
note: yes I have memory problem. & its well known among my friends sbb slalu lupa kereta park mane (-_-!)

Hannah-chan. Posted on June 3, 2009. In her Facebook note.

Izza is very sweet and open in person. Those $$$ is important to her and she is a very determine person too. We Muggles do LOVE hanging out with her cause she’s fun, blurts out funny comments/remarks and taught us new many new words which is not in the dictionary. She’s just plain Izza who loves people and cats and the smilebox hallmark was really sweet! Thanks dear... XP~`
note: maksud Hannah $$$ here is NOT mata duitan oke~ LOL

John Johnny John Boy. Posted on June 11, 2009. In his blog here.

..Izza @ Meow..
First thing you’re a very pretty pretty person. Everyone who knows you will say the same thing as I did. Words like sweet and cute also can be used to describe you. You think about other people’s feelings when making a decision. Other than that, you’re 1 year younger and that doesn’t hinder you from outshining the rest us in studies. I meet you on the 1st day of MAS week. We were in the same group C6 if you still can remember.
What I’ll definitely remember is your love for cats. OMG!! I don’t think there’s anyone else who loves cats as much as you do (Maybe Nymouq can fight). Now whenever I see a cat I will remember you, Izza. Another things is that your always I mean always aware of the camera. No matter where the camera is you will always pose for it. True not? Talk about being alert, like having an inbuilt camera detector with you. Lastly you’re a very popular girl, being the batch queen an all.
note: psst! John, I was showing my cousin & aunty our dinner pics.d other day. Boy my aunty kept on pointing to u & say u hensem! "he's a chinese + indian". "oo patut laa. hensem oh! leng chai!" XD

I’ll write something back in return. Definitely :)

P/S: GFs, I MISS U GIRLS LA. call me up too whenever u bosan2 eh~ nguu x best nyer da x tgk muke2 korg~


Charlz said...

Erks.. Izza, this is supposed to be 2 posts kan? You combined to one~ haha

Did u give that hairdresser a stare n buat attitude takk puas when paytime? XP i absolutely hate it when they spoil our hair, even more so if clear instructions have already been given out. As a fellow vainpot, I fully understand your rage hehe..

Wow u paste my tribute? I was da early bird eyh?? hehehhee Miss u too Miss Isolated-at-some-sesat-state-in-Msia XP

izza` said...

oh. LOL. yah. saje, cuz the latter part was just rambling.

neah, i din even look at that aunty. shes kinda old (i dunno if she IS old or LOOKs old). if he/she were of around 20s, i could hv scream right infront of his/her face. boy do i have a temper when it comes to services.

oih. kuang ajaq kata sabah negri sesat~ :P

Edvin Phang said...

i demand some pics:)

AlexAlabasta said...

No fair~! Wanna see the hair~

mashimarossa said...

wallaweyh! namaku ada di sini!!

Idja~`! nak tgk rambut baru!
at least MMS ke..plisss!!!

eVy-D-YaNa said...

can't believe u r no longer in UTP..

will be missing ur cute face, my facee sis~ :)

c u during convo ya? :)

izza` said...

LOL! again, no pics! :P

i can't even stand looking myself at the mirror, would u tink i have the mood to pose @ camwhore? ugh.

n sory babe Saa, tanok~~` ngaa~~`

aww thats so sweet Diy, thnks! mari2 bergamba dgn i nnt convo ihik~ XD

Charlz said...

cmon.. didn't u now? my celebrity crush is Katy Perry.. im sure we can accept your blazing new looks XD

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