Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Favorite Guilty-Pleasure

Ever since I've graduated from UTP, urm.. ntah la ape ku da buat. Guess the pictures summarizes all :)

I had to kemas my room. The last time I actually felt my room IS my room was before form 1. I went for boarding school eversince form 1. And right after SPM, masuk UTP pulak. During my UTP days pulak, I so loved joining events -- dance especially -- that I seldom had a full 1-month semester break.

Then I noticed these stacks of magazines:

Yeah. Gempak & Utopia. These were like from 2002 collection. Who reads these too back in the old days raise up their hands~! XD
I actually re-read all of em! walopn dah sneeze smpai flu sbb da berhabuk2. but it wasnt too bad of a comic la! LOL. sheysh. really goyang kaki eyh.

Then I opened another so-called treasure chest of mine.

Seeing these thick books reminded me that.. I was once quite a bookworm! I loved reading! It all started with our primary 6 English teacher back in St Agnes. Mdm Chin. yeah I can still remember her name. Cuz she was a hella ferocious teacher. She was the one who forced us to start reading English books/novels. I remember I started with Enid Blyton's storybooks. I actually fell in love with em! Stacks of em are behind those Harry Potter books in the pic above. Then I started reading the True Singapore Ghost Stories volumes, Chicken Soup for the Soul etc. Oh dont tell me u never read those!

But oh well. As u can see. There are a stack of Dik Cerdas - Shin Chan comic books too. My favorite comic till now thee-hee.. :P

I'm currently in marathon, re-reading Mutiara Naga (Dragon Ball) 1-43. & shall probably then continue with Sailormoon 1-18, Dr. Slump, Pakar Judo ... the list just goes on! Oh how could I ever throw them away :(

Besides books. Ayy I go out too ockay~ my favorite place to go on Sundays - not very normal for a young girl to like this kind of place - is the Gaya Street Sunday Market. Just because I can see (& cucuk2 abit) the expensive cats are for sale

Here's a blue-eyed Persion kitten. Guess the price? >:p

No kidding huh? Altho its sold at a market je. Wonder who brings such cash to a pasar.

Oh. Then. Lemme introduce my favorite drink here. Its like the famous Taiwan bubble drink. Theres a lot of their kind selling here, but the most famous (& yummy too!) is YOYO's.

The signature drink would be milky tea (like teh+susu) with pearl (like 'sagu' i guees? black in color). You drink it up from a thick straw & chew on the pearls. You may also choose to add on either pearls / coconut cubes / pudding / black jelly. But my favorite would be Ice Cocoa + pudding. oh yummy~ XD

My favorite guilty-pleasure: ice creams! I'm eating alot of these recently. ugh. so yeah u can bet i'm fattening (-_-!)

I guess this is my favorite flavor of the Baskin Robbins' range : old-fashioned butter pecan. oh macam orang tua pulak. But its nais~`

Then there's this brand which isn't very commercial in Msia. But mum & I, being ice-cream freaks, tried it out. Tho its a bit pricy (almost priced like Haagen Dazs), I would say i loved Ben&Jerry's way better!!! Seriously, do have a try. It should be sold at cold storages i guess. These two are among my fave :D

Ah.. Now that I have shared with you my 'diet' tips, it's time for me to stop yada-ing. Esok nak puasa. Bulan Rejab baik puasa. Jom Jom ehee~


Charlz said...

Hahaha I started with Enid Blytons' too! Faraway Tree, Wishing Chair, Mr. Twiddle etc~ true genius.. then Dragonball Z!! hehehe not bad, u actually had a decent childhood eventho ur at the other part of... eh, ok2 i wont kutuk XP

are D said...

makan ja krja ko d ruma aaa.

izza` said...

kuang asam pny chz ee! i know where that sentence's going! grr~~` XD

oho. adi, well~ org suda grad mmg cmni. shuh2 g blk utp study!

AlexAlabasta said...

Still hav all the DB collection ah? Wah~! Jealousnyer~

Eah, stop makan aiskrim banyak2, nnt naik~

Hannah said...

sgtlahh byk koleksi buku.. haha.. nice2

mitsui said...

hehe..love yoyo also,there's other like cool city, easy way and momo..hehe..like momo jz becoz of its name..my fave is d regular milky tea pudding+coconut cube+choc pudding..yummy till it fills ur tummy..being penganggur, we have to tahan nafsu mkn tu..kekekeke..nti xmuat mau pakai bj convo nti..wakakaka ^____^

profWACKo said...

Antu komik gak budak nie.. huhu.
Kirim salam ngan anak kucing tu bila pegi pasar nnt.

izza` said...

hehe sila jeles. eke. tp xder la full collection ppon. ade je tecicir2 sket nguu.. tp yes, mmg bnyk. x campo lg the english novels i read uu~~`

nash! best kaan yoyo tu eheee~ every week mesti ada pegi nih eke nyum!

profwacko. maceh. sy antu jg walopn budak ehe. skrg ni baru habis baca blk DB, sailormoon & dr slump. next: pakar judo hoho
n kucing tu. ahad lepas ak g. dah xde. huwaa~~`

Anonymous said...

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