Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya 2011

Wow. 5 months without a single post. Sigh, I might as well close down my dusty blog.

Buuut. Hey. Hello earthlings. How have you been? Missed me? Iyea. Izza is doing fine. gemuk banyak tapi time puasa ada la terkurus balik sikit. Tapi masih gemuk seperti sedia kala thanks.

Di kesempatan ini saya ingin mengambil kesempatan untuk menyempat mengucap Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri y'alls! Seronok nye la hai duduk rumah aman permai. Esok open house pulak. Tu tak tergoyang kaki lah. Patah kaki ada la.

Drive safe. Eat heartily. Love truly. Maaf Zahir & Batin

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Mungkin ada hikmah disebalik ketentuan ini. Mungkin ini rezeki saya. Mungkin rezeki papa mama saya.. :)

Agak2 sebulan lebih yang lepas, papa mama cerita finally dapat confirm ticket pergi Umrah. Alhamdulillah. Mula2 risau juga, siapa nak teman mama & guide mama ni. Almaklum la mama ni mu'alaf. Pastu sejak kena stroke few years ago, banyak benda mama lupa. But now ada ustazah datang rumah mengajar la. Rasa macam anak tak bertanggung jawab pulak tak take the responsibility ajar mama sendiri.. tapi saya kerja di KL... maafkan saya..

Dah tu. Pada awalnya tak terfikir pun la nak balik KK. Baru je balik kan CNY lepas. Lagipun Umrah je pun kan, bukan Haji. Tapi macam tersentap sikit last week bila housemate saya kata weekend ni dia takde kat rumah, balik hometown, parents nak pergi Umrah. Ooo.. Sentap. A ah kan, orang kalau parents nak gi Umrah/Haji, anak tu balik la jugak jumpa cium salam kirim doa minta berkat. Haih.. So last week baru la terhegeh2 tengok ticket flight.. Semua dah dekat RM600 huhu.. Dah la nak balik weekend kejap je.. Cuti kedekut pulak, sebab kena saving untuk cuti akhir tahun wedding abang pulak. Nguu.. Tak balik la macam ni...

Tapi hari ni, tiba2 boss saya tanya, you nak balik KK tak? Konfius. Ada important agreement nak execute dekat KK, and it needs to be in the office by Monday.


Free ticket flight going back to KK for the weekend :) Gerak Friday evening after office & back by Sunday. Tho its a bit adhoc & very short, tapi saya sangat2 bersyukur :)))

Can't wait to surprise papa mama :D

Thursday, February 24, 2011

She's My Best Friend

Rasa seronok kan bila orang introduce diri kita as dia punya best friend?
Rasa special. Rasa happy. Rasa appreciated.
"This is Izza, she's my best friend."
Rasa terharu. Haha.
You know who you are ;)
& yes I'd introduce you as my best friend too.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Its A Good Sunday

It was definitely a Good Sunday when my funny friends came by surprise
(walaupun takde surprise mane, bajet daah) :p

Thank you girlfies *hugs*

On a second note. I had my 1st ever experience being warded @ Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC) last Thursday. Had to undergo a so-called procedure.

sempat la kaaan :p

I was anesthetized for about 3 hours, and tak sedar apa2 bangun2 the surgery was done. Kepala sangat berat tho ughh tidooo je the next few hours. Nurses kept coming in every 30mins to check my blood pressure, which kept getting lower (as low as 83/55 haha) sampai nurse pun risau.

tak suke bende ni nyuuu.. :(

Was on drip which until now the back of my right hand masih rasa nyut2. Slept there. Woke up, breakfast, mandi sana. Got a couple of my sweet colleagues yang datang melawat (dan marah2 membebel2 bcos I didnt tell anyone except my boss). & checked out by evening.

post-surgery effect. ugh.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Bestie Syaima' Got Married

I knooooowww its been a month!!! sorry for the late post haha

Heres a post dedicated to you dear :)

Syaima' Tuan Hassan is the name. Our friendship started way back in January 2005. Got introduced to each other on the very first day of our class in Foundation Year in UTP. We didn't click that instantly like most other frienship cliche claims. We were just-coursemates then, since I have another group of besties.

But the closeness grew. January 2006 I asked her to be my roomate and she said "I do" (haha) so she joined my group of besties & we became besties as well.

We went thru alot together. Alot. Good times..

Bad times.. (haha remember this?)

Menggemuk bersama..

Berjalan-jalan bersama..

Until our final semester in UTP..

Its time to bid farewell to UTP..

& take ownership of Bachelor's Degree scroll..

And so we started our career paths. She landed herself in Kerteh while myself in KLCC. The hanging out became lesser, but once in a while when we meet or talk, it'll seem like we just said goodbye to each other a few days ago. How time flies.

Suddenly she got engaged..

And is now happily married :)

11-12-2010 : Congratulations Syaima' & Amir Farid. I wish you both everlasting love & marriage. Oh Syaim's pregant now btw. Now, they really don't waste any time huh? ;)

Babe, you are full of familial love. Seeing you & your siblings together semua orang akan kata sweet sangat. Never passes prayers. Good sense of fashion. Patient. You're among the best babe to talk heart-to-heart with. Tall *envy*. Never had I imagined you'd be married (and pregant!) this early haha. Busuk itu harus. And no need to mention, manis :) Selamat Pengantin Baru darling! xoxo

Now. Who's up next? ;)

To My 74 Followers...

Oh Pathetic me. Malas nye dah update blog. Kesian my 74 followers yang aku pun tak tahu kenapa korang nak follow blog si pemalas ni. But thanks! Love ya! haha I'll spend some of my quality time online-ing in McD alone here on a peaceful weekend to update some ya!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Sudden Island Escape

It all started with a simple question i threw to my parents: "Gila ka saya kalau saya mau pergi pulau satu orang?". And my mum replied: "Gila."


Next question: "Jom pi pulau?"

And my mum starts dialing her contact. & its all arranged for a day trip to Bunga Raya and Gayana Island. Meet at Jesselton Point 10.45am tomorrow (Sunday).

Sigh. My initial plan to go all by myself was because (1) I wanted to find a peace of mind, (2) I don't feel like talking to people, (3) I hate waiting for others, as much as I hate others waiting for me, (4) I simply wanted some time alone & (5) indulge into the beautiful mother nature.

But then. Oh well. It so happened a friend of Mama has been ajak-ing them for quite some time. So this is the time lah. Its an all expense paid trip. All 11 people in the group. Inclusive of Papa, Mama & myself. (So much for my quiet pulau trip, duh!)

I wanted to go Manukan Island. But Aunty has arranged for Bunga Raya (a new island) and Gayana Island pulak. Sigh. This is like an island hopping trip - the Orang Kaya style. Why? Keep on scrolling...

Arrived in Bunga Raya Island. Nicely landscaped. Lots of Bunga Raya. Obviously. Water was abit keruh. Our tour guide said its the monsoon season, and you cant swim here. Fine.

They built this waterfall in the island.

It was a pretty sight & serene. Not many tourists were there.

A swimming pool facing the island.

And the tour guide kept pusing2 the pulau and showed us the spa house, the urut house, and I began wondering whats our motive coming here..

Mind you, this is the toilet of a guest house - RM8,000 per night's stay. Got jacuzzi, own mini pool, 3 bedrooms, 2 storey bla bla bla...

While this is the cheapest room they have here. RM1,700 per night's stay. A simply room with toilet attached, a mini pool, facing the sea. But RM1,700 per night? Gahh...

And we got on the boat again to Gayana Island, where we had our lunch.

And I am ready to snorkle baby!

Without the fins & safety jacket, the goggles & mouthpiece costs RM10 rental je!

Oke cukup gambar budak sengal sawan snorkle sejam + tak reti2 nak timbul. Dah la syok sorang2 berenang.

But. Overall. DO NOT GO these two islands lah. Manukan is waaaaaayyy nicer & much too see. More live corals & fishes & macam2 lah!

And that's my Day-2 report back in Kota Kinabalu ;)

Oh oh btw. The best thing about living in KK. Is that. You can just pack your stuff & drive 5 mins to the jetty point here, and just go 5 choices of pulau. Oh how I love my hometown ♥

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I used to have all these pure good thoughts towards people, the positivity vibe, looking forward and being optimistic. A naive mind I believe once belonged to each of us living souls.

But it has changed. All those trust and hope and thoughts.. Shattered.

Friendships are not as strong and pure as you used to know.

When your friend gets married, they have much other priorities and more important responsibilities. Hanging out with friends suddenly falls out from the list.

Love and sex is interchangeably used.

Marriage does not secure your partner from sleeping with someone else.

It’s not happily ever after after marriage. Scandals are so in trend.

You just can't trust sweet-tongued guys.

The logics & ethics you've learned during your degree aren't always applicable in real work situation - just because your boss said so.

You'll get fat because you redo your proposal paper drafts 45 times and final 27 times. You had no time to go to the gym.

People who smile to you in the office may be foul-mouthed than you could ever imagined.

You’ll get this a lot when you just start your work life: "Orang bujang balik awal buat apa?" - duh! Don't I get a life if I'm a bujang?

Female hormones at their 20s are more hazardous than anything you could ever imagine.

OK I dah start merepek. Goodnight.
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