Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saya Nak Beli Rumah

Any to recommend?

I've been looking for THE ONE for the past few months with a hangat-hangat2 taik ayam spirit, and my search is often limited to the area I'm familiar with i.e. Tmn Melati, Wangsa Maju, Setia Wangsa. So my options are kind of limited la.

So far I've researched:

BUKIT JALIL area : Green Avenue, Savanna, Green Avenue and Covillea. I used to rent in Arena Green apt which is exactly opposite Bukit Jalil stadium. I feel the area is very convenient. Dekat pun dekat jugak dengan KL. To Shah Alam/Sunway/KJ pun takde jauh mana. View cantik gila, you can see the green golf course perrgh. Buut. Iyea face it la. Orang2 kaya yang dah dapat duit pencen je kot duduk sana.


  • PV12 : RM270k . 1280sqft. brand new unit. very high density. 16 unit/floor with limited (not to mention slow) lifts. and the so-called condo has about 700 units altogether. grr. tapi happening la, its in Danau Kota. but happening can also lead to unwanted bising-ness. I'd say its a good investment if u wanna sewakan. but for myself to live in hurm... hate the yellow color of the building tho.

  • PV8 : RM400k . 1550sqft. brand new unit. just beside MRR2. slightly more exclusive. building pun nampak cantik. target tenant are expats. can be rented out for about RM2k. but who would wanna rent with me at that rate? hurm... plus. its located in a very high density place too. very the sebelah2 with all the other very high-rise PVs.

  • Villa Wangsamas : RM380k. 1280sqft jugak kot. nice timber flooring. 3r+2b. 2 parking lot. a bit terkedalam but very near to LRT Sri Rampai (opening soon). Would have really love it if it wasnt because the outer structure of the building is full of cracking seals! and its only 2-3 years old (for the new towers). I call it the Spiderweb condo.

  • Seri Maya : RM400k and above. 1500sqft and above. right next to LRT Setiawangsa. Nampak sangat nais. Most of the tenants are expats, renting at around RM2k/month. but macam out of my budget je ngahhh...

  • and a few more other condos la i cant really recall...

Latest in my survey, which i just visited today are :

Sri Ayu in Setiawangsa.

Very near to Setiawangsa LRT, Giant, Jusco. Tapi its quite shabby looking la, considering its 15 yrs old dah. & i guess the maintenance pun tak elok. It can loook nice if its nicely renovated. But that would be another extra cost la. Why bother? Reject!

Then usha Riana Green in Wangsa Maju. Near Carrefour ke Kafu ke tah cane eja. Ini memang dari jauh you akan nampak and see its exclusivity lah. slurrrpp!

They have a high-rise and low-rise punya condo. The one I'm seeing today is the low-rise punya, which I prefer more rather than the high-rise. 1080sqft for RM390k ngaaah! & monthly maintenance fee for about RM300! OK sumpah tak afford.

Interior finishing memang lawa & classy. just look at the bathtub! Full outside view oke~! & easily kene skodeng la for those in ground floor haha.

& then to wrap up today. I called my friend who lives in Sri Kenangan apartment/condo. A bit depan sikit dari the Carrefour Wangsa Maju. Market price dalam RM265k la. 1200sqft. 3r+2b. marble flooring. Paling penting dia punya scenery & surrounding memang peaceful & the very the best lah! I would really love to settle in here! Affordable iya jugak. Building looks a bit shabby tapi kat dalam if dah furbish nice lah. & Rapek kata next year the management is gonna repaint the buildings.

Thanks Rapek for allowing me to view your house!

So. Mana mau cari rumah lagi ni? August nak kena move out kot.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Thing About Bestfriends

the thing about bestfriends is that...

when the bond is so strong, you don't cry when one is moving afar - be it physically moving to another part of the country, or moving into a new phase of life i.e. marriage, work-life. you may cry when you think of the fact that you'll be spending less time together and you don't get to see each other's faces as often as before... you may cry because you miss the good times you once had with your bestfriends...

but you would never cry with the thought that you will never see each other again.

and that, is my definition and trust i have towards my bestfriends.

we may not contact each other every day. sometimes we don't hear about each other for months. but it changes nothing of the memories we built. that deep, lovely feeling i have towards you remains the same.

and i'm pretty sure our roads will cross again in the future, along with God's Will & owns effort. and when we meet again, we will still be laughing at our old jokes - just like back in the good old days.

"why do farewell parties when nobody's dying just yet?"

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