Saturday, October 31, 2009

Confession of a Spending-holic

Just a recap of what's been up for the past few days :)

John came by KLCC. So what does this mean? A rendezvous of course! Yay! Oh oh. Before that. I'm having financial problem lah. Er. Or. More like spending problem lah hehe. Imagine at certain days, like on this particular Tuesday, I'm having breakfast at Old Town Kopitiam (oke la jugak gak, altho I dengan tamaknye ordered Mee Kari pagi2 buta tuh), lunch at San Francisco Coffee's (just to avoid the crowd in foodcourt. As well as to satisfy Effa & mine's craving for pastas!), and.. dinner at Madam Kwan's. So.. Iyea.. RM50 a day just for meals? Someone slap me on the face please...

Anyways. We had a great time catching up with each other then. There were John, Charles, Malini, & Ejan. & when you're hanging out with your besties, you just dont notice the time! We were at Madam Kwan's for like 5 hours! 5.30-10.30pm. You bet, we were the longest staying customer!

p/s: John nak gamba! & thanks for the bangle! :D

Our level, a.k.a. the R-Club, is organizing weekly jogging every Wed evening, around the KLCC park. The recent Wed was a restart, since they had a break during the Ramadhan month. Well. After months of NO EXERCISE, I'm finally kick-starting jogging with my fellow colleagues. I'm like bangga gila nih nak kepoh pasal I jogged 3km++! Well not exactly jogged all the way la. 1km walk to warm up. 1km jog (tak stop okee!), & 1km walk again to cool down. But.. alas.. we went to mamak for dinner. hahaha!

I was expecting body aches all over the following day, but hey! No aches! I'm fit okee! LOL!

What did I do on Thurs eh? Erm. Owh. I had a generous helping on sushi! for lunch, at Prince Hotel. Oh oh sedapnye sushi.. Then I attended a meeting for the rest of the evening..

So I went back late. Alone. Jln la g LRT tu sorang2. Naik la LRT tu sorang2. Cuci mata la sorg2. Turun la LRT sorang2. Jalan la gi kereta sorg2. Turun la gi kereta sorg2.. and as I turun tangga tu, I jeling kereta I yg terpacak kat parking VIP tuh...

Again. wtf? Ade along tuang cat kat kereta aku ke weyh? Tapi kalo along kan cat merah. Ade construction ke kt LRT nih? I watched the roof. Takde pon. Dengan berdebar2 nye aku turun & menghampiri kereta ku..

Aku pun calit sejari dekat benda putih atas kereta tuh...

Fuuh... habuk jee~~ Tak tau la. habuk ke water-based paint ke tah la kan. But the thing was not something permanent la. It was calit-able. Means removable la tu kan? So.. Iyea. It rained the next day, kereta I bagai dicuci la. The stain was gone. Pheww~~

Yay Friday! Sebab ape I love Friday? Because it marks the end of weekdays - the end of working day - the starting of weekend! Yaaay! and also.. longer lunch hour!!! When lunch hour is long.. What do we do girls? Shopping~~!

So. Iyea. I TERshopping with my darling colleague slash BFF-in-the-ofc, Effa. Mula2 saje usha2 G2000 dalam Parkson tu. Ambil2 je try2. Da jumpe yg berkenan, baru noticed: Eh. 50% off lahh~ Dan2 rupanya Parkson anniversary konon ye. Macam tau2 je orang2 kerja baru dapat gaji kan, diorang pun anniversary kaaan~? But bagus la. Discount helps us to save, kan kan? (ke lagi membazir, sebab tamak?) As I was about to pay, salesgirl tu tanya, "ada Bonuslink tak?" - "if takde, tak boleh la dapat 20% lagi discount ni". Whoot? Ada 20% discount lagi on top of that 50%? "Gi la buat Bonuslink card. Free je. Dkat Customer Service kat atas ni" ujar gadis sales ituh. Weeyy banyak tuu 20% lagi! So.. Iyea. You guessed it. Of course I went to buat card dulu! hahaha~

Then. Dah nak bayar ni. Dah queue kat counter nih. Tapi counter nih dekat laa pulak dgan shoes punya section. & Lewre was on 50% sale! OMG.. I just had to get that mustard clog! So.. Iyea. Another unnecessary pair of shoe is bought into collection.. Sigh.. & I just bought another purple flats on Monday! Tolong.. sape nak jage my purse...

(erk terbalik la pulak pic nih. okay imaginarily rotate the image by 180 degrees ye hehe)

Iyea. Those are the shoes that I've bought in the past 2 months. I love Charles & Keith shoes, which explains how I bought all three pairs of em (most top, 3 shoes from left) in one shopping spree. Comel kan the purple flats from Vincci? Bought at RM38 je, with Effa's special birthday discount whee~. & thats the mustard-colored clog (lower, left most) of Lewre I was talking about. Oh I fell in love with it the moment I saw it!

A male colleague asked "Izza, you ade berapa kaki ni?". & I was like err... (boleh lagi kan nak berkira2 kaki ada berapa). Iyea. Macam la kaki I banyak cam ulat gonggok kan? Eee tanak tanak~ but shoes are so0o menggoda~

So. Thats it. The Confession of a Shop-a-Holic yang baru dapat 2nd gaji.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

P. S. I. - Good Luck Peeps!

Many have been asking me. "Izza. Nak tips SI.". "Izza, cane nak pass interview nih?". "Izza busok~~". Oke yang last tu takde kaitan.

So. Since musim interview dah start kat UTP tu, I'd like to share my own piece of experience on P's Structured Interview. Seriously, just because I'm currently working in P, doesn't mean I know all the slicks & ticks of the SI ye. If you ask me how I passed, I'd answer "Luck".

Now. You're done with the Online Ability Test. No theres no pass/fail result for that. So don't go waiting for it. You're then asked to complete the Personality Test. Again, theres no right/wrong in answering this test. Its just to see your personality & match with your future (hopefully) working Skill Group - to identify which job best suit you.

So your name comes up on the list of names for the next interview session. Its like the Grand Finale of the Structured Interview system la konon kan. If you got your name up while you're still in UTP, well congratulations. To those who have not, good luck in waiting for your turn for interview in KLCC. No theres no saying when you interview dkat UTP you hebat, and yang interview lambat tu P interview untuk cukupkan syarat je. No. I got a couple of friends who went to interview same batch with me back in UTP, recommended, but still got no placement. Meanwhile, another friend was interviewed in KLCC (since the semester has ended), yet she has been offered a placement already. So people, theres no different when & where you're interviewed - its just a matter of queuing.

Okay. So how is it during the interview? Basically, its divided into three (3) sections. All three will be conducted concurrently, and should take around.. 1 to 1 and a half hour. If the interviewer(s) love you so much, you'll be in there for about 2 hours plus.

Section 1 - Case Study
Section 2 - Role Play
Section 3 - the conventional interview lah

Can't recall in detail of my experience, since I had mine back in March 2009. But. Iyea. As far as I can remember.. About 5-6 of us were called in to the waiting room. There were lots of form to fill. Then they briefed us on the interview structure. Then we were each given a case study. Some of us got the same topic. Guess they got several sets of cases. Mine was Home-schooling. A friend's was Paperless Hospital. Thank God mine was like.. boleh goreng la. Logically lah kan. Home-schooling = bersekolah di rumah = tak pergi sekolah, belajar di rumah. So what do you do once you get your topic? Get your pen & start scribbling ideas! You've got about 15 ke 30 mins to prepare. List out the norms lah : definition, pros & cons, your personal opinion, blablabla. If you got current statistics is even better.

Then they call you in. As I walked in, confident & smiling (tho hands are TOO COLD), I greeted my interviewers. Being professionals, they firstly introduce themselves - a lady from HR, & a senior from marketing. It was said that you're unlucky if you got to be interviewed by someone from HR - whats more a lady HR! They're like so strictly-by-books/rules type. Kononnye la kan. Anyways. While I had 2 interviewers, some had only 1. So, it depends la.

And so. "Tell us about yourself". Try google this in the internet & you'll find lots of tips on tackling this ever-famous question. My answer scheme : I'd repeat my full name again (I know, its ridiculous - they have ur resume there DUH! but it seemed like a habit. biarla.). I'd talk about my current status - ICT, final sem, master in yadayada, minor in yadayada. I'd talk about my education background - I just had to recite that I'm from a Chinese Kindergarten (its kinda like a bonus, i guess). No I did not brag about being an all-time Dean List-er - its well bragged in resume kan kaan?. Then I highlighted that I had my 8-months internship in Accenture. I'd talk about my hobby & interest - jangan la cakap hobi pancing ikan ke main kucing kan, yg konon intellectual la sket punya hobby. If takde, takyah la mention. Then I stopped. I dont know what else to tell about myself. Then the HR lady asked "What about your family?". ow ockay. I thought some career advisor don't recommend us talking about family in interviews kan? But since the lady asked, I cerita la.

Done with then. Then we'll go to the 1st section - The Case Study. "Tell us what you understand about home-schooling?". They'd let you talk forever. They won't interrupt you, until you pause because you're out of idea on what to say. Then only they'll ask questions and try to criticize your ideas, interrogate and irritate you. Just keep your cool & answer logically. Do not try to be funny - its childish and unprofessional.

Then the interviewer announced "thats all for case study, we shall now proceed with the role play. are you ready?". So. I picked a card. A few minutes is given to prepare and set your mind with the new role. Now this is interesting. I got 2 different role play cases - others had only 1. Some had up to 6! Anyways, the number of cards you took doesnt mean much. Sometimes you get to take only 1 card - it might mean they have understood how your mind works, but whether its a good or bad understanding, Wallahualam. If you're offered more than 2 cards, it might be the interviewer is really interested in you, while it might also be they could not understand just yet how your mind works.

Case 1: You are a manager of a multinational company, currently based in Vietnam. Your workers claim that your company is under paying the local employees. They demand for pay rise. They even went to the extent of attacking your shareholders. The shareholders are asking you why such demeanor are happening.

Lebey kurang camni la kan skema soklan die tu. Tapi in a more proper susunan ayat la kan haha. So. The interviewers will be the shareholders - and they're acting seriously! I lak terhegeh tergelak2 wth. So take lessons from me ye, you dont wanna make fool of yourself. The card says you're a manager, so be one. BE IN YOUR ROLE. They'll start integruing & provoke you. Try to calm them. Offer solutions. Think like a manager. I think I did quite badly for this case, which is why they offered me a different case. I think la.

Case 2: You are a manager. The wives of your employees are complaining that their husband's salary is too high, which leads to bad habits. Their husbands would come home late, drunk, and beat the wives and kids. The angry wives demand you to lower the employee's salary.

Cam kelakar kan case ni? I pun agak tergelak time dapat. Anyways. So my interviewers jadi the angry wives (the senior from marketing senyum busuk je - he's a man yg terpaksa jadi angry wife oke haha) Tapi case ni memang best la. We debated for quite some time. I kate jugak thats your personal family matter, & I can't just suke hati lower my employees pay eventho it benefits my company's financial - but they shall be paid as they deserved la kan? Anyways. Always offer solutions. Dont just argue je. I propose la buat family day lah. Bring your wife & kids to office day lah. Splitting the employee's account lah. Even if its sounds illogical, just propose some solution. Any solution!

Then its section 3 - the normal interview lah. They ask you questions, you answer. Mind them might ask "Why do you want to work with P?". Ha goreng la ikut sedap korg. They'll ask whats your work preference. Do have a look at the various skill groups they offer from the company's website. Marketing ke. Finance ke. Admin ke. HR ke. Some specific technical position ke. & they'll also ask your preferred location. Name 3. But basically when they place you, it depends on vacancy. So don't go throwing tantrums when you're not getting as you specified la kan. I wanted admin, HR & procurement kot.. but the senior from marketing said I seem to fit the marketing field. So. Yea. My Skill Group (SKG) is marketing, but somehow I'm doing Planning & Business Development now hurm.. But I'm happy working here anyways :D

So. Ockay. I guess thats all. & owh. Some asked me what to wear, is baju kurung okay? If you ask me. Well. Someone, I cant recall who, advised me before. Its something like.. wearing baju kurung is like showing you're somewhat abit conservative? please, no offence to anyone. I wear baju kurung to KLCC too on Fridays. But for interview. Its best to groom yourself in a corporate look la. So my advise? Wear crisp-ironed shirts & slacks/pant suit. No its not poyo to wear your jacket/suit. Its corporate looking. & P does put weigh on their employees grooming - they always want to appear professional. If you want to land yourself in Marketing especially, pakai la habis stylo ye.

The interviewers are humans too. They can take humor, they can laugh. Try smiling & be at ease. Be friend with them. Ask questions by the end of the interview. Ask like you're really interested. Most importantly, dapatkan restu family. Especially ibu bapa. This is something I've always believe in la. Everytime I nak masuk exam, I would sms my parents. Takde la ayat Islamic gila like "ayahanda, bonda, ku pohon restu mu. ananda hendak masuk dewan peperiksaan ni. doakan ananda ye.". No. I would text something like "Its my 2nd last paper today, wish me luck!". Just to inform la. Same goes to when I'm going for interviews. Always mintak restu parents. Kalau malu nak cakap pun, cakap je "Ma, I really want this job. Pray for me ok".

No this is not some professional's tip. Nor a perfect solution. Its just plain me, sharing my experience. Take what you think is right, & leave behind what you think is wrong.

All the best to my dearest friends! May I see you all soon in KLCC :D

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kisah di Suatu Petang dalam LRT

Ini kisah yg sy alami. baru je. petang tadi.

Rase nak beli new office pants. Deliza dah balik pkul 4pm lagi. pm Cik Syikin, tanya nak join kite shopping tak. Oke cun. So 5.15pm tu tebal kan muka keluar office..

Mmg dah agak target nak beli dari G2000. I got this 1 pair from there & really loved it. Try punya try punya try. Last2... tak beli jugak. Sbb? Salahkan Miss Sheena yg bagi Corporate Grooming lecture to us during PIPE. Girls sure paham ngehehe..

Pastu Shima called. Ajak lepak2 japkat Burger King, with them yg dah nk 'fly'. Shima, Intan & Zawawi to Kerteh. Hanum to KK. Daju & Hezzi to Miri. Ada jugak Bukhari & Faris. Borak2 jap je. Lepas tu balik..

In the LRT.. SESAK GILE la pulak 6.30pm tuh isk.. mau 4x train lalu jugak baru boleh naik.. itu pun mmg agak bersesak la.

Mula2 tu dapat la jugak pegang besi dkat tengah tu. Stesen Ampang Park. Ade la org2 yg maybe dah hilang sabar menunggu kot kan, force himpit masuk jugak. Sebelah ada sorg makcik & beg balik kampung dier. Bawah tangan sy ade sorg makcik cina, mcm rude la pulak rasa. So walaupun sy dngan wedges 4 inci sy ni, di tambah daya imbangan yg lemah, sy lepaskan jugak tiang tu & bajet boleh stabil kan diri..

Lepas je tren tu start picking up speed, sy pun mula ter tak stabil. Makcik yg sebelah sy tu pun dengan tangkas nye terus grab lengan sy. Sy pun senyum mesra blk sambil malu2 kata "takpe takpe~" padahal dah nk tergolek. Makcik tu tetap pegang tangan sy dgn senyuman.

Untuk mengurangkan ke awkward an keadaan, sy pun memulakan budi bicara..

Izza: Baru balik kerja Kak? (disebabkan sy in office attire, tua mana pun org tu, if die pun stil bekerja, sy panggil kakak - this is what i learnt frm the ofc la)
Cik Kak: Ade bengkel~
Izza: Ooh. Ni, dari mana? dengan beg beg nih?
Cik Kak: Dari KB~ Kota Bharu.
Izza: Ooh yer ke! Kampung kite kat Kelantan! Kg Pintu Geng! *terus menggenggam tgn akak tu pulak, excited*
Cik Kak: Eh org Kelantan ke?
Izza: tak tak, ayah la. kite dari Sabah. bla bla bla
(& the conversation continues..)
Cik Kak: Sy lecturer. Mengajar dkat UTM.
Izza: Eh? ade eh kat KB UTM? Woooh tak tau puun *mula la perangai jakun sy nih*
Cik Kak: Adee, die cam branch la.
borak borak lagi. & train berhenti kat Damai. Rilek je akak ni masih. ingatkan bukan turun sini. so kitorg pun borak lagi. tapi tiba2..
Cik Kak: oke lah dik, akak turun dlu ye

terkejut sy. dah la pintu LRT ni mana ada belas kasihan. kalau bukan terhimpit orang, theres no way pintu tu boleh di hold/bukak. Akak tu pun berpusu cuba ke arah pintu. Sy pun tolong "excuse me excuse me". Sekali nye, pintu tu tertutup.. Makcik hanya mampu melambai kepada kawan2 nya yg sudah selamat turun. alahai..

Rasa bersalah sgt dkat makcik tu.. Borak2 la ckit lagi. & dia pun turut kat stesen Dato' Keramat. sebelum itu, sempat dia menggenggam tangan sy. Rasa gembira je. Sy pun ckp lagi terima kasih & sambil tersenyum, berlalu pergi..

Sy pun masih meneruskan perjuangan bergelut dlm train ituh. sebelah sy sorg awek gak. kakak la this time. by the time dkat Jelatek, sy pun nmpk dia mcm pegang2 brg dia, ready2 nk turun. tapi tngan sy yg pegang tiang tu halang jln die nk ke pintu. Sy pun "nak turun sini eh? jap ehh.." & tggu tren tu berhenti betul2, baru sy lepaskn tgn. Sy senyum dkat dia. Dia pun pandang tepat pada mata sy & senyum balik sambil kata "terima kasih~"

Hati rasa riang je naik train balik hari ni. Kan bagus kalau rakyat Malaysia semua macam nieh? :D ni tak. biasenye naik LRT semua muka KeTaT je. termasuklah jgk sy kot kn kadang2 haha

Maaf, tak sempat bertny nama puan lecturer. But that 5 minute conversation had been meaningful :) Hopefully dpat jumpe lg~

Maka kawan2. Mari lah kita senyum2 bila naik LRT mahupun driving. Biarlah senyum sumbing pun :D

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sorry for Ignoring You...

Haiii Blog~~~! *jerit kuat2*

Lately macam suka menjerit. (uih lately je kah?) Tak faham kenapa. Macam excited je selalu.

Anyways. Waa.. kasihan blog ku yang lama terdampar.. minta maaf blog ku~ *gesek2 pipi dgan blog*

I've been attending the PE*RONAS Induction for Executives (PIPE) for the past 17 days. It was held in PE*TRONAS Management Training (PERMATA), Bangi. Not that I have no internet access for the past weeks - I do have my broadband with me - but just could not find time (and that certain mood) to blog.

Nah. Macam sekarang pun. Tak tau ape nak tulis. Ngaaap...

Will post up link to my fb's photo album laytah la. Malas la nak upload gambar sini.

Ape I merapu nieh. Macam da hilang bakat blogging pulak (ceh ceh macam berbakat).

Pape pon. PIPE 48 was a great experience for me. I got to know many new people & 've gotten new great friends. Shared laughs & tears. Got to know my company better - like brainwashed! We had our late nights, staying up til 1 2 am just to complete group assignments; we helped each other alot in order to complete tasks; we shared thoughts & feelings. It felt like one big family. & it felt good.

& I'm missing the people already :(

Good Luck in your future endeavors, dear PIPErs 48. May our paths crosses again :)

PIPE48. G1. Professionalism.
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