Thursday, November 11, 2010


I used to have all these pure good thoughts towards people, the positivity vibe, looking forward and being optimistic. A naive mind I believe once belonged to each of us living souls.

But it has changed. All those trust and hope and thoughts.. Shattered.

Friendships are not as strong and pure as you used to know.

When your friend gets married, they have much other priorities and more important responsibilities. Hanging out with friends suddenly falls out from the list.

Love and sex is interchangeably used.

Marriage does not secure your partner from sleeping with someone else.

It’s not happily ever after after marriage. Scandals are so in trend.

You just can't trust sweet-tongued guys.

The logics & ethics you've learned during your degree aren't always applicable in real work situation - just because your boss said so.

You'll get fat because you redo your proposal paper drafts 45 times and final 27 times. You had no time to go to the gym.

People who smile to you in the office may be foul-mouthed than you could ever imagined.

You’ll get this a lot when you just start your work life: "Orang bujang balik awal buat apa?" - duh! Don't I get a life if I'm a bujang?

Female hormones at their 20s are more hazardous than anything you could ever imagine.

OK I dah start merepek. Goodnight.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kucing Dahaga Lah

Pernah tak korang tengok kucing yang tengah dahaga?

Like. Sangat sangat dahaga.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

tak tipu best

tak tipu best. bila dapat spend the weekend all alone at home. doing things you've always wanted to do. or simply do nothing! eating too much of the things you shouldn't be eating too much. cooking (ceh ceh! takat bubur instant). watching the long kept movies in your laptop. tengok TV yang dah berkurun i tak hold the remote control. taking your own sweet time kemas bilik tukar cadar do laundry lipat baju. beribadat secara tak ribut and baca tafsir Yaasin. bergayutan di telefon. tidur tengahari! OMG like lama gilaaa tak tidur selain pukul 11pm-6am! photo sorting & editing (which i came to think, macam dah lama tak buat photoshooting, gatal pulak tangan rasa). last but not lease, membebel kat blog sendiri. what a peaceful, awesome weekend.
tak tipu best!
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