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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Sudden Island Escape

It all started with a simple question i threw to my parents: "Gila ka saya kalau saya mau pergi pulau satu orang?". And my mum replied: "Gila."


Next question: "Jom pi pulau?"

And my mum starts dialing her contact. & its all arranged for a day trip to Bunga Raya and Gayana Island. Meet at Jesselton Point 10.45am tomorrow (Sunday).

Sigh. My initial plan to go all by myself was because (1) I wanted to find a peace of mind, (2) I don't feel like talking to people, (3) I hate waiting for others, as much as I hate others waiting for me, (4) I simply wanted some time alone & (5) indulge into the beautiful mother nature.

But then. Oh well. It so happened a friend of Mama has been ajak-ing them for quite some time. So this is the time lah. Its an all expense paid trip. All 11 people in the group. Inclusive of Papa, Mama & myself. (So much for my quiet pulau trip, duh!)

I wanted to go Manukan Island. But Aunty has arranged for Bunga Raya (a new island) and Gayana Island pulak. Sigh. This is like an island hopping trip - the Orang Kaya style. Why? Keep on scrolling...

Arrived in Bunga Raya Island. Nicely landscaped. Lots of Bunga Raya. Obviously. Water was abit keruh. Our tour guide said its the monsoon season, and you cant swim here. Fine.

They built this waterfall in the island.

It was a pretty sight & serene. Not many tourists were there.

A swimming pool facing the island.

And the tour guide kept pusing2 the pulau and showed us the spa house, the urut house, and I began wondering whats our motive coming here..

Mind you, this is the toilet of a guest house - RM8,000 per night's stay. Got jacuzzi, own mini pool, 3 bedrooms, 2 storey bla bla bla...

While this is the cheapest room they have here. RM1,700 per night's stay. A simply room with toilet attached, a mini pool, facing the sea. But RM1,700 per night? Gahh...

And we got on the boat again to Gayana Island, where we had our lunch.

And I am ready to snorkle baby!

Without the fins & safety jacket, the goggles & mouthpiece costs RM10 rental je!

Oke cukup gambar budak sengal sawan snorkle sejam + tak reti2 nak timbul. Dah la syok sorang2 berenang.

But. Overall. DO NOT GO these two islands lah. Manukan is waaaaaayyy nicer & much too see. More live corals & fishes & macam2 lah!

And that's my Day-2 report back in Kota Kinabalu ;)

Oh oh btw. The best thing about living in KK. Is that. You can just pack your stuff & drive 5 mins to the jetty point here, and just go 5 choices of pulau. Oh how I love my hometown ♥
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