Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bags. Bags. Bags!

I'm having this really big crushes recently. This SAWANness I call.

Oh I just adore Fossil's handbag range

I so so LOVE the pattern on this bag!

I love white backgrounds with pretty flowery motif. But this sling bag is too small la. Tapi cam OMG its such a must have!

Ngaaaa nakk...

This sling bag is like so cool to bring along for travelling. Sure jadi macam store la handbag ni, campak macam2 dalam. Its like one of my dream handbag yang I saw in Sunway Pyramid's Jusco kot back in 2008. Tak ingat apa brand. It was RM300++ kot.. time tu intern, cam tak mampu ngaaa...

OK so maybe something like this is what I need now la. Atas2 tu semua NAFSU je. Something I can carry to work that would fit A4-sized file. I'm in need of an office handbag actually. Taknak la plain, boring office bag..

How I came to sawan for Fossil handbags? When I was window shopping some Friday noon with my babe, we passed thru the Fossil shop inside Parkson ke Isetan eh? and I saw this one white handbag with colorful patches over it, that caught my eye gila2 & I kept visiting the kedai for like 3 4 times dah after that, bawak orang lain2 haha excited sangat kan. Dah mati2 google, tak jumpa poon kat Fossil nye website :( nak sangat tunjuk kat sini jugak..

Whats holding me back? Well. The price tag showed eye-beliak-ing figures. The tote bag was RM900++ koooot!!! Goddamnit. Gigit jari je laaah~~ Its so not THAT worth it oke.

And.. Tiba2 I letak gambar handbag lama I ni sure nampak cam korok gila kan? haha

Note: The green/brown bag I bought like 3 4 years back kot, kat some stand shop in a mall in Sabah for like RM75 je koot. & the purple one from Korea x ingat brape. Takde makna koot I nak spend RM900 for a handbag! (yet. kot. haha)

Sekian. Oh. Sakit Hati.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Got The Sweetest Friends Ever. You Got Meh? - Happy Birthday to me :D

Its been few days dah since my birthday. But I'm still receiving calls from friends wishing me, altho it starts with "Izza.. Sori.. Aku lupe...!!" or "Izza sorii.. Line aku kena potong harituuu" haha so sweet of u all. It doesn't matter, as long as u still sincerely remember me :)

Tues, 20/04/10
Evening, my colleagues ajak chill minum2 after office. I've been serabut ever since the starting of the week, menyusun dates with friends for the whole strecth of this week. So tak notice sgt they were trying to prank me into berharap they prepared a surprise, padahal takde! haha cis dengki betul.

Late eve, about 7.30pm I went to meet up with besties John (+ gf John), Charles, Ejan (+bf Ejan) & Malini. I think Charles & I were 'high' that night haha we couldn't stop fooling & laughing. We joined the crowd of Kema's housemates & friends, along with Shera, my kembar 21 Apr jugak hihi (nak gambar wey!) Oh but I have this pic la John smsed to me :
My birthday present 1: a vest! :D oke tp i terasa x ckup stylo utk pakai. ini testing shj. sy tak buat gila pakai ngn baju kurung g ofc ngee

When I later came home at night, which was around 11pm dah, (& tomorrow's a working day), who knew there was another surprise waiting. At about few mins past midnight, pintu bilik i diketuk bak nak kiamat. Trauma I chies. Its my housemates Deliza & Kak Syiken, and.. Kak Darnih! who came all the way from her apt yg jauh la jugak koot nak menapak tgh2 malam. & terus tumpang tidur bilik I haha. Lepas main calit2 cake kami pun tidur2 ayam ke pagi~
Birthday present 2: & she made this! so sweet~~` :D (cake tu beli la ehe)

Wed, 21/04/10
THE DAY. ehe. Masuk ofc as usual je hari tu. Bosses takde. But I'm having a meeting at 8.30am with my section members. At about 11am, my section mate got a call & said someone wants to see me at the ofc (kitorg meeting kat lvl 42). I pun terkedek la turun blur2. Rupanya my office mates buat surprise~! Oh punya kuat derang nyanyi kat pantry malu I sampai I nak lari pun kena tarik kuat2 Effa & Darnih.

The faces who makes me laugh in the offcie :)

Birthday present 3: From my ex-department (NGV) & other colleagues. What I LOVE most is the kain comes with matching brooch & tudung! (Aryani? Ariani? tah. I tak beli tudung mahal2 ni) heee thank youu! & the Birthday Card was hillarious!

Birthday present 4: A cute Taurus teddy from Kak Zah :)

& I went back up to resume for my meeting ngee...

Who knew it'd took until 3.30pm ngaaap! As I went back to my cubicle. Oh God...

Birthday present 4 5 6: Flowers! Gorgeous bouquets of flowers! Right most, the gigantic lilies are from my family, who sought help from a family friend in KL to have it delivered. So sweet of my parents :')

Also, I was then told a girl was looking for me, since morning lagi. She was to deliver a package from someone - who refuses to be named & which I had totally no idea of who. It was wrapped in gold papers & a small card with a blogspot address. Ilya was beside me upon unwrapping it, and we were both like gasped hard & OMG-ed to see what was inside the gold box:

Birthday present 7: Flora by Gucci set. haha. Thnks Ilya babe for being by my side time bukak ni. Kelakar gile.

Then I opened the blog, walaupun tak nak tau dari siapa. & surprise surprise. But he/she never mentioned his/her name jugak. So I'm left puzzled.

Memang muka I blur whole day until they kept asking me "Izza you oke tak?" ngee.. I cam sakit jantung dari semalam lagi.

& that wasn't the last. At about 4.30pm, this somebody whos been very kind (with maps, haha) to me gave another heart attack.

Birthday present 8: A plush kitty wearing a bracelet around the neck, holding 21 pretty red roses. Sweet! Thank You :)

& we later had karaoke session for like 3 hours. They initially just wanted a room for privacy - to sort of present to me the last surprise : a slideshow with pictures compilation of myself, my friends, our funny out-of-office moments, & super sweet + touching words. oh & not to forget the videos of my closest colleagues in the office giving birthday wishes in their own VERY FUNNY way oooh I nak pengsan ngan ke-suwit-an semua org!

& to the lady who pulled most of the effort, Kak Darnih, who treats me like her very own sister - THANK YOU very much :')

Later late that night pulak, I received calls from my besties. 1st was Saa - it was glad to talk to you babe, I missed u so0o0o much. Too bad the timing wasn't really right, kalo tak sure dah borak sampai habis battery. Then just before midnight, my bestie Oyen pulak called. Borak borak kejap, tiba2 putus. & she called back.

"Happy Birthday tooo youuuu~~" & they sang both the Malay & English version. For about 2 minit kot I senyum tergelak2 sambil mereka at the end of the line khusyuk nyanyi. Disudahi dengan "Lala la la la laaa~" yang sangat merdu. I was like "Koraang! Korang mesti dah rehearse siap2 kaaan? Sedap gile okee korang nyanyi!!!"

Rupanya Oyen & Diba je kawan aku sana, lain2 backup singers imported from housemates diorang! Haha suke hati je paksa orang nyanyi utk orang tak dikenali kan. Tapi I like! Oh sayang giler kat korang babes~ & kalau dah Izza & Oyen on the phone, tak nangis tu tak sah la. Tak tau kenapa. Almost an hour kan kita on the phone?

I slept that night with a big smile & happy, happy thoughts :)

Thurs, 22/04/10
I have a forum to attend at Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa whole day today. Thanks to orang tu, saya tak sesat :)

I lost my parking ticket. So kena bayar RM20. Padahal 1 day parking sana RM7 je. Bertekak kejap ngan abang tuh. Only to find, the next day, my parking ticket tu terselit kat my notebook. Damn it!

Oh & I got my long-time wishlist granted. Thanks to my brothers who agreed to each sponsor RM1k while I cover the other RM1k. Ooh Thank You abang abang kuuuu mwah mwah!

Ini kami 3 bradek!

Birthday present 9: A DSLR! Canon EOS500D. Comes with 18-55mm kit + 50mm lense slurrrppp~`

Kudos to Ben for helping me with tutorials, lectures, surveys, recommendations & BUYING my new pet. & yerlaaa, The Card! :p

Later at night, Atex kau memang paling kelakar. Forever my kartun. Tiba2 call & mulakan dengan "Izzaaaaa~~~` Soriiiii aku lupeeeeee~~~" hahahaha. Atex memang ko bestfriend aku yg paling terlewat, tapi aku tak kisah pun. Tambah2 ngan kisah serabut ko. "Hari Ke'putus'an Tendon Betik". Sabar ye Atex. Tapi aku benci tempat ko yang line dia memang potong stim haha sampai sekarang aku tak tau apa ko cakap yg last2 tu Atex!

Oh & by this time baru I terfikir & teka who could that mysterious blogger + perfume sender be. Walaupun by this time dia mcm dah broken hearted gila sebab I takde respon kah kah kah Sorry u! But Thank You!

Fri, 23/04/10
As I sampai my office cubicle that morning, I got another surprise. Panik. Siapa pulak lagi niii~~`

Birthday present 10: A box of Chocolates! & from my (new) boss, Kak Nid! So sweet of her despite being so busy & out of office for the whole week! OMG gomok lah saya...

Birthday present 11 would be from Effa dearie, a Clinique eyeliner (yg I sendiri tak tau malu mintak haha - you asked me!) *xoxo*

Actually I cant really count my birthday presents just like this kan. Cuz I do consider each surprise, call, sms wishing etc a present. Just to have you lot around is the greatest gift :)
p/s: I paling kelakar a female colleague mcm terpekik2 kat I "Kau siapa weyh? Kau Siapa!?" hahaha

I sedih gila macam nak nangis pagi2 masuk office tu tengok bunga2 I cam dah nk layu uwaa~` dengan panic nye telah mem panic kan skali akak2 kat office utk tolong cari pasu, panadol (utk taruk dlm air utk bunga) & selamatkan bunga2 ituh nguuu. Tolong jangan kasi sy bunga lagi.. saya suka sangat bunga tapi tak suka tengok dia dying.. :(

The Gorgeous Lilies from my family. This is as of Friday eve before I left the office for the weekend. Tolong la hidup lagi I masuk office Isnin ni :(

& I guess that wraps up my birthday sakit jantungness.

Thank You Every Sweet Soul who Celebrated Keberanakan Saya! Nurulizza Sayang Kamu! :D

Macam sedih tak I carried this bouquet of flowers naik LRT pukul 5.30pm (peak sesak hour) from KLCC? haha

Note: Anyone, if any, please don't be offended by the title of this post. Its a title I actually altered from a blog I read entitled something like "I'm 16 & I have an LV Bag, u got meh?" haha

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

kenapa kan..

Kenapa kan..

Aku macam selalu serabut seorang diri lately ni..

Aku macam rasa KL Twin Towers ni macam asek goyang2 je..

Aku macam blur je sekarang ni..

Aku da jarang gila dapat time nak chillex & merapu2 kt blog tak famous aku ni..

Aku da xde topic nak tulis & share kt blog aku..

Most of my life is made up of my work da skrg ni.. & its not fun pun blog about work

And my friends dah datang haha menceceh laytah!
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