Friday, July 3, 2009

I'ma UT Consultant

Thurs, 10.15PM

I remembered I had a CUTE revision class to attend. Somewhere in July. Friday something. *checks the timetable*
"Ma, the CUTE revision class tomorrow ka?"
"I don't know u"
"I think so la.."
Aww shucks. I'm going to a revision class the very next morning yet I never look at the textbook. Not even a glance.

Yea inilah kitab sakti saya for the next 1 month ++. Until I'm done with the Computerized Unit Trust Examination (CUTE), to date, is scheduled on Aug 8th.

So. You see, my mum memang orang kuat banking. She badly wants me to take over her 'legacy'. Malangnya anak dia ni still undecided. "mana2 pun boleh~". Begitulah sifat penulis yang cincai. But. No harm getting a certification kan. Extra points especially if nak apply into banks. Otak pun da berkarat duduk rumah buat 'physical' stuff aje. So I gave a shot la. I signed up as Public Mutual's agent & currently waiting for the exam. Got the textbook (not actually a book, more like paperback) 2 weeks ago. Need to attend at least 1 revision class la. Just for the sake to get the compiled exam questions ngehe~

Friday, 9.30AM

Lenggang kangkung masuk kelas walaupun dah lambat setengah jam. Daym. Back seat sume occupied. Terpaksa duduk meja paling depan. 10 orang je pon dalam class. & I can confirm that by 1 glance around the room, I am the youngest. Others were really makcik & pakcik. No offence pun.

Our speaker, Mdm Lim, which I only knew her name when the class ended & we need to fill in a feedback form & I had to ask someone her name, is from KL. She's in her early 30s I would say. Talks like a bullet train.

When I came in, they were already in slide 6. By slide 10, I'm already yawning. Great. Mula2 cuba cover lagi. Tahan bukak mulut. Haih kembang2 hidungku :8
Da x tahan, menguap lagi. Lagi. Lagi. Sampai hingus pun da nak meleleh. *srooot, srooot*.
"girl are u having flu?"
sambil buat muka innocent + kesian.. I nodded.
yo yo lah flu. I yawned like 50 times da, mana tak berair2 mata dan hidungku

It was difficult. mingling with the new terms & unfamiliar shortforms.. She kept talking about FD. apatuh? when later my mum came to pick me up only I ask mum whats FD. Fixed deposit. LOL. not bad la, I did guess that :P

Anyways. The class had a break from 12 to 2pm to give way those going for Friday prayers & also for lunch break. Hurm.. 2 hours.. I called mum. She just came back from KK. "oww k lah. then I go Warisan there lah".

I wasted no time. Dengan tabahnya crossed the big roads (benci benci!), & went to Warisan Square sorg2. 1st checkpoint - Maxis Center. Da lama nak tukar my 012 yang Celcom postpaid ni jadi prepaid balik. Tapi Celcom kata xleh tuka from postpaid to prepaid. Sengal lah kamu! Dah la tipu aku dulu, kate free RM50 credit, skali nye migrate ke Celcom Postpaid! Hate u! So. Anyways. Da berjaya tukar balik ke Maxis. prepaid sudey. So my 012 is Maxis again ye kawan2.

Btw. Theres this. Im not sure if its a new plan. But I just knew about it la. Hotlink Youth Club. I thought it was just some club la. But when i look back at the rates, hey. not bad. quite cheap. Celcom's UOX cheaper tho. But ow-kay la for Maxis. I saw the brochure & asked la, can I use this plan.
"Kamu student ka?"
"Study di mana? Ada bawa student card?"
"Univ Teknologi PETRONAS" *checks wallet konon2. padahal mana ada da student card!* "alaa tak bawa la.. urm.. photocopy boleh ka?" (i tot maybe i can photoshop the student matric ID, nextime come again la)
"ada bawa photocopy?"
"ehe.. tia da.."

But. he let me in anyway. LOL. terima kasih abang! He said his brother UTP jugak dulu. BIS. nama Leo. graduated in 2007 kot. uhu x kenal. Mari2 change to Hotlink Youth Club ni~ Its with 4 years validity! x yah asek2 topup for airtime dah whee~

Anyways. next i went to all other shops la. Guardian. Sasa. Esprit. Padini. Roxy. Kedai kiut2. Times (bongek la Female magz here costs RM24!). Charles & Keith and oops.. terbeli a pair of shoes.. ehe. Then. Uh lapar pulak. Big Apple..? urm comot la nak makan.. 1901? ahh not bad. duduk makan kat booth tu sorang2. Texas Ted sato~! gila tabah la awek ini haha

Tak cukup ngan tu. erm dessert dessert.. Ahh.. Scoops. Da lama nak try. Nmpk mcm glemer. Tasted some flavors la. Dark choc gak yang ku jatuh cintan dgn.

Terkejut time akak Scoops tu scoop kan icecream kepada cone ku itu. 3 bola2 icecream comel tersusun tinggi! "er.. ni single scoop kan?" aiyok.. siyers tinggi! Pelancong2 Korea yang usha2 kedai tu pun terpana siap amek gambar dan bagitau kawan2 dia. cane nk bawak jalan makan ni aih~ hentam je la. tabah tul lari2 cross jalan pegang aiskrim tinggi tu. hee selekehnye aku. Oh but btw. Takde sedap mana pun. Takyah2 try. Go to VedaBlu or YogurBerry next door lagi best.

Eh eh. lupa lak. I'm suppose to be blogging on the CUTE revision class kan? LOL. seems like I enjoyed my 2 hour break wayy better (^,^)v

Anyways. Back in class. Mdm Lim asked this question:
"Who among u, can live happily for the rest of ur lives without working?"
Three raised up their hands. Uuu.. orang kaya...

Then Mdm Lim tanya lagi:
"How much would u say, u would need, to survive and life happily, comfortably after 55. After u pencen la. Lets say no inflation, no assets debts bla3.."
Guy 1: 200K like that..
Guy 2: i dont know *sengih2 busuk*
Guy 3: i would say.. 400K would be sufficient?
Guy 4: half a million..?
Guy 5: *angkat2 bahu*
Guy 6: sengih tengok kawan seblah dia
Lady 1: *legs & hands crossed, Gucci handbag by her side seat* I would need at least 3 million lah..
Lady 2: 1 million.. 2.. like that lah
Lady 3: more than 1 million
Lady 4: at least 1 million (thats me btw)

Notice the difference? Ladies sume wants to pencen with at least RM 1 Million in their account! LOL!

Btw. She showed us how to calculate many things la. pening jugak. nasib bawak sci calc. kena puji. ihik :P One fact I got to know. Lets say, in average, we live up to 80 yrs old. wanna live happily after 55? say.. RM3K per month just for normal expenses.. until u're 80. u need RM900K++!! tu belum include emergency money, child's education, etc.. omg.. i never thought of that..

The class ended at 5.30pm. ugh.. my brain was stretched to its limit today. from zero to.. er.. not even 50% i covered pun i guess haha. takperlah. 1 month to go. study the question booklet aje hee~` btw. I was able to chit chat with the well experienced pakcik n makcik also okay~ not bad for a fresh grad with no finance/accounting background eyh? :D


Achan Sinclair said...

Perrghh...memang ini muqadimah terbaik utk aku dpt kn mood before lecture session bermula..feel, atmosphere and situation..lengkap dlm post ini to me get scared with lecture session..aargghh

btw..aku rasa laki2 kat situ semua nk mkn maggi sampai umur 80..yg 200k tu mkn biskut tiger je.. said...

owh baru tadi makan 1901. bole tahan hotdog kukus dia..

izza` said...

hoho. acan. sejak bila takut kpd lectures? ehe lek laa. 1 more sem to go! XD

oh. abg ayub yg bukak blog baru utk share manga. ehe. berguna lah jugak ilmu internet programming kita dulu kn eke~

McFLuRry_MaNIaC said...

eh2,nk ty...
cmne bley amk exam 2 ek?
kalo nk amk qualifications die pe?

izza` said...

salam mcflurry_maniac.
psl CUTE tu. die just need at least SPM cert as qualification.
i'm not very sure myself la the procedure. as for my case, i'm registered under Public Mutual. if interested, u leh try g kt Public Mutual n kate nk register as Unit Trust consultant la probably. they'll give u some forms to fill. Also kene cm ade supervisor (who is also a UT consultant). then ade la klas kne attend (seperti kisah ku d atas). then baru sit for exam. then.. i hv no idea hehe. sory, not so informative >.<

abdul halim said...

"He said his brother UTP jugak dulu. BIS. nama Leo. graduated in 2007 kot. "

remember?... 'Silent Noise' And 'Doc Mat & Super Friends'.. lead guitarist..

izza` said...

ek? no i cant recall. LOL. well, at least leh assure he's not lying lah then haha! thnks fr the info!

w said...

gud luck for your CUTE.. act no need to khatam that so called text book.. get few sets of mock question from your upline.. n hafal.. lulz.. cam test amek lesen kete je huhu.. just understand all those simple formula & calc will do..

izza` said...

owh. thnks w. yea i seem to know that. just study the set of sample quetions. lol! u remind me tho. 5 days to go. gosh. i've forgotten everything! X(

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