Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Wish Scratched from List

I've been wanting a camera ever since my last camera - Canon IXUS 75 was stolen when our house was broken in back in Dec 31, 2008. For weeks, and maybe months, I've been researching on whats the best camera to buy. During my final semester in UTP, I got to know a number of friends owning SLR cameras. The pictures are admirable & some, jaw-dropping. & since then, I feel that a simple Point-and-Shoot (P&S) camera just doesn't satisfy me anymore (cheh cheh).

So i thought, maybe I should angkat an SLR. Cool la konon (bole blah la). But as I was dicussing with my dad, he pointed out that its bulky & extra-baggage when travelling, bla bla bla. (but later kept quiet when I showed him a test-shot made in the kedai hehe). & after much interviews held with the SLR experts I've known, I became more puzzled with what I actually want (-_-!) So again, after much research & recommendations from the lense-freaks, I've concluded - I'll get a semi-SLR! or which some also call prosumer.

Sorry to those who tried to poison me into buying SLR :P here, I'm listing my reasons of why SLR is just not (yet) for me :)
  • i'm used to having a camera in handy, which means it should fit into my (balik kampung) handbags. in any case of emergency, i dont regret of leaving my camera behind.
  • the photogs shared with me the many tips & tricks you can do with an SLR, & i was thinking - do i really need all those fancy tricks? not like im looking forward into being a pro. i just need nice, decent pics.
  • "its the person who determines how good the picture comes out" said a friend. an SLR does not do magic. it is myself who'll need to learn to use - but i malas!
  • as i was holding an SLR back in the kedai, my eyes blurred over the many buttons & unfamiliar icons - i just can't stand complexity!
  • i still look forward into SLRs, but i guess i'll buy one later - with my own money & with a sifu in handy, for the ease of learning & not wasted la ehe.
  • "read the manuals" said a friend. ugh. i never read manuals. & i cant even imagine reading an SLR's manual. >.<
  • last but not least, i'm just plain lazy to learn the extras. end. pls dont hate me.
After weighing the pros & cons, a semi-SLR should be in my league i guess. and it should be nothing other than Panasonic Lumix LX3 baby!

So. My parents' are being generous by agreeing to fully sponsor my next camera - they're happy with the recent news i've received :) It was pretty funny how I arrived to the price I got. I called shop A & B before hand, and just this morning went to visit shop B, & found shop C.

Shop A : out of stock. selling price: rm1799. not negotiable. need deposit before order. & the ruddy hell sales assistant is a freaking nerd that assumes the buyer is a total moron. F you, you geek!

Shop B : out of stock. best price: rm1680. leave phone num & they'll contact upon arrival of new stock - but dunno when. free tripod. case. 4gb.

Shop C : got stock! last price rm1780. case. 4gb. thats it. then i kata la, shop B (which is just around corner) offers rm1680, c'mon~ "rm1765". neah.. & i said i'll think about it & walked out. stopping by Canon's corner to have a last look at the Canon 450D & 500D which i was seriously considering before. the salesperson actually chased me! "aa miss, my boss wants to see you." erk? chuak pn ade. tp konfiden je la. ak x buat salah kot. sambil berjalan tu "boss wants to give better price hehe". ooh.. apalah. so i saw him keying in things into the PC - 'Promotional Price - RM1765' changed to 'RM1697'! LOL! bersusah payah hahaha~ anyways. i said i'll consider.

Guess which shop I finally bought from?

Shop C! hehe. xperla the extra rm17 & minus the tripod. cant be bothered to wait for shop B. & ayy, i din know it has another color. so.. the classique, SLR-like, black LX3 or modern, sexy silver? Dad said the silver looked nicer. I tot so to0. So a silver LX3 it is~

Too bad it doesn't match my handbag or anything :P Function over Design baby!

Thank you to all who gave suggestions & comments! ben. mai. pudin. edvin. rizwan. zhee. bukhari. anas. hazirah. wadi. iffat. kema. & a few other random ppl. tengkiuk~~! :D

note: i'm actually reading the manuals now. ugh. no pain no gain.. but i know i'm lovin' it! :D


mashimarossa said...

da beli da camera~
lepas nih letak banyak gambar dalam belog k!!

p.s: adeh malas nak g kelas first hari nih!

izza` said...

a ahh~ nnt jumpe korg, mane bley x amek gmba puas2! ihik. teringat lak kembali kenangan kite g interaxi 1st kt cameron dlu. excited rmai2 ble ak br bli camera Olympus putih tu. kn kn? eee windu~~ :D

p.s juga: saa, last semester saa! sembangat!! XD

Charlz said...

congratulations babe.. hehehe imma need to buy a camera too after keja (my old one malfuntioned on me) and imma seek u for your newlygained knowledge too! XD

n oh, i noticed u changed ur comment-style to pop-up too? nice nice i like! X)

izza` said...

eh eh. my knowledge stops updating as soon as i purchased this one la haha so by the time u seek me, i might be rusted da ehe u know i hv short-term memory :P

ehe yah i changed. saves the reader's time rather than to navigate away from the main blog page :)

raydcza said...

eh, owh... da bule comment... LX3 FTW *again!*

n charlz, get a dslr already... dun waste ya money on that sonymony red not funny.... ahahahahahah

Edvin Phang said...

eh, good choice...LX3 AKA king of digicam wei!

izza` said...

hoh jahat pny Ben, x bek kutuk Chz pny ex ekee~~`

ya Edv, thnks to u la i tak jadi buy SLR :P nonetheless. stil need to learn how to use. the pics im getting r.. not that nice (-_-!)

mye said...


x sabar nk sesi camwhore bersama izza~ hahahaha

Hannah said...

izza! nice cam.. nk jadikk model.. hahaha~` sesi camwhore panggil2~ XD~

Edvin Phang said...

eh, why thanks to me? :) :D

izza` said...

hahaha kaman2 u wh*res! eh eh. i mean. cam-whores only. heee! tp kejap ea, this beginners needs lotsa learning to do! XD
n Hana, kamon la~ i know the design's not that loveable, x yah la urut2 bahu i, u pasti akan jadi org plg bnyk gmbarnye everytime photoshoot eke XD

Edv, bcos u were the one who said 'it depends on the photographer'! >.<

zhee said...


shariffudin said...

congrats..may the force of photography be wif u..

izza` said...

tengkiuk2. hiyah~~~` XD

Anonymous said...
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