Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Trip To Kuching

I went to Kuching, Sarawak yesterday (Tuesday). Just for a 1 night's stay. Actual reason of going in the 1st place was that my parents wanted to buy these fancy Indonesian-made furniture. Kononnye sold at reasonable price in Kuching with a wide range of choices. So.. yeah. Off we go~

Tuesday. Arrival day. Took a cab straight to hotel 1st to put our stuff. It took less than 20 mins from Kuching International Airport to Hilton Hotel. But the taxi fare was unbelievable! RM22 just for that less-than-20 mins drive! Oh btw, I baru tau Kuching got Kuching Utara (north) & Kuching Selatan (south). The utara one is Kuching's own Putrajaya - where all the administrative buildings are situated.

So as we checked in to our rooms, we went out again. Taking a cab to Batu Tujuh. The taxi driver explained the place is approx 7 miles (batu) from Kuching town, deswai its named as such. Its the place the taxi driver recommended to shop for furnitures la. But it was dissapointing. It wasn't what my parents expected. So we ciao balik hotel again. That costed another RM50! Sheysh.. just for 14 miles driving distance..

Oh well. So we kaki walk around the hotel area. Not bad cuz the Hilton Hotel is very near with Kuching's famous attraction, the Waterfront. Here's a view from my room:

The visibly-obvious building tuh is the.. what ah? Some government punya building lah. Kat tasek, ke river? tuh, macam2 lah lalu. Bot. Sampan. Jetski.

We makan at Menara Tun Jugah's foodcourt. Then ter shopping pulak. Its an old building I guess. Then eh, sebelah ade mall lagi lah~ Plaza Sarawak. Shop shop shop lg. Best sbb x ramai org. The shops aren't that bad jg. But not much choices je la. Then jalan2 around the Waterfront area.

By night, as recomended by my brother, we went to the Taman Kereta (Car Park) to have a seafood dinner at the rooftop. Quite a tourist attraction there. Its a 4 floored building only for carparks. The rooftop was like an open foodcourt. Fresh seafoods only! :D We ordered macam2 la. But it was this udang (prawn) that attracted me:

I actually tot it was lobsters. Seeing from the kaki berduri2 at the back. 2 pieces of this (polystrine tapau) big prawns costed RM27! o_O I personally think it doesnt worth that much. But probably bcos I'm from Sabah anyway & my dad says these prawns aren't valueable in Sabah's market as people would opt for Tiger Prawns instead.

It was only 7.30 then & we dunno what to do already. Earlier, I asked Adol where's good to shop for cameras. He recommended Wisma Saberkas. No kidding. It was like Kuching's own LowYat. (thnks Dol!) But, by 8.30pm, almost half of the shops are already closed. Cant make decision so go back KK later la cari again. Anyways, how can I convince my dad that an SLR camera tu best? ngee..

Horror thing was, we waited for taxi in front of the Saberkas for almost an hour! omg takutnye tgk muka my dad that time.. (-_-!) cuz it was my idea to come there kan. ngaa... but luckily I saved the day by chatting with this friendly aunty. She said sini memang susah dapat taxi. Then she teringat & gave me the taxi center's number. phew. A taxi came in less than 5 mins.

Next day, which is Wednesday morning, we had breakfast around the hotel's area again. I must get my Laksa Sarawak today! While mum kept looking for her Sarawak's special tea. There's nothing beats the hawker stalls when u're looking for local delicacies!

Sarawak's Special Tea - a 3-layered drink: gula melaka, susu cair, teh

Laksa Sarawak! erh but I didn't really like it pulak.. but they say the taste varies from stall to stall. Probably this one just doesn't suit my tounge :)

Mee Kolok! The special noodle is mixed with a special sauce with minced beef, chicken slices & mushrooms. Not bad. But like the Chinese's Kon Lau Mien also. We discussed wether Kolok & Kon Lau are actually the same thing because they sounded almost the same.

After breakfast, as recommended by the hotel usher, we went to The Spring - a newly opened mall. It took about only 10mins drive (RM15!). The place is still very new & nice la. Got a lot of shops also. U can find most of the branded boutiques in it. & IT WAS ON SALE! XD

The best thing was there wasn't many people there. I don't know, because its still new? Far from town? But we had a great 2-hour shopping spree! I also bought 3 pairs of Freshlook color contact lenses at RM95 only! WTH? When I 1st usha kat KK, I tot it was already very cheap - Freshlook RM55, Freshkon RM38. Compared to in Perak or KL, it can easily reach up to RM70-80 per box! But in Kuching, it was RM35 for each Freshlook box, while RM50 for Freshkon. Terbalik pulak. I pun konfius, smpai i tny balik my babe Syaima' to confirm. Anyways. Hepi hepi hee~~`

By 12.30pm, we had to shoot back to hotel to check out. Then we went makan again. This time is the Nibong restaurant.

This is Nasi Ayam Penyek!

2pm, off to airport. S'long Kuching~` u've been a great shopping place! XD

note: x jumpe pon kucing ngu.. patung2 kucing je bnyk


AnGeL said...

i tot mee kolok is the BM of kon lau mien? bukan ka? haha! lebih kurang sama sj ni.

izza` said...

oh begitu kah angel? tapi d KK teda pun org pggl mee kolok~ rasa dia pun mcm ada lain sikit~~`

profWACKo said...

Nice trip to kuching..

Teh Ais srwaak tu da available lama da kat kedai mamak d peninsular nie. Not sure originality dia dari mana.

Mee Kolok mmg sodap.. agreed. hohoo

Dyieba said...

hehe.. thanks sebab puji kuching =p udang sini memang mahal compare to KK, but still cheaper than perak.
I'd prefer nasi penyet better. hehe.. but my mom know how to prepare it oready.. and better than any kedai (since dah cuba every famous ayam penyet in kuching before my mum finally got the secret). okeh.. enjoy you holiday while you can ^_^

datin nana said...

klo nk kcg pgla psr satok on weekend
byk kcg cute2 n gebu2

Hannah said...

yayayy.. sdh bule komen! ehee.. udang dier sgt bsr, mkn2 juge beshh di sanerr~ plus, teh ais srwk ituhh mcm cun, xprnh try laa pulak.. XD~

izza` said...

dyieba: oh oh ayam penyet tu sedap (comel jek nama penyet tu haha). tp kdai kite mkn tu cm kering sket la. muak sket lak sbb lauk die ayam je kn (sayo xnk mkn hahaha)

nana: wala.. tp ak g sehari je aritu. bkn wikend lak tu. xperla. pasar KK pn jual kcg ribu riban gak kikii

hannah: eyy teh special swak tu ase cm cendol pn ade gak! sbb ade gula melaka n susu cair.

Anita said...

You should've organized it with Info Taxi. Las year we went to Kuching and we didn't know what would cost moving around the area, seriousness, that sutff yoyu know and a friend of mine told us about this online community of taxi services all over the world. For us it was a great experience, at least the part of transportation wasn't such an ordeal, you know.

izza` said...

LOL! thanks for promoting Anita. Total seriousness! XD

Anonymous said...

kolok.. mi dia mcm kecik ckit. haha.. byk makanan!!!! meow nnt ko gumuk!! XP

izza` said...

sudah gumuk kilik.. sudah terlewat.. hahaha! :P

aRiFf said...

yupe..sarawak mmg bes gak..ade benda mahal n ade benda cntact lense tuh mmg kamek beli murah jak..sik sngka mase beli kamek dpt RM27 tok freshkon..hehehe..murah jakk mase tuh..nie pon sik pakai lage...hehe..mun pkai pon kamek sik suka..hahah..rimass bahh...(org sarawak pon kdang2 ade guna bah gak)..hehe..lama sudah sik klaka sarawak..hehe

izza` said...

huyo! ak ingatkn mamat swak ensem mane yg komen ni. rupenye arep! not bad weyh ko! ak pn x reti kecheck swak (erk? tibe2 klantan hahaha)

omg.. rm27 aje!? omg.. boleh pakai buang dah. bole kasi kucing ak main pkai skali. tsk tsk tsk..

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