Thursday, July 16, 2009

Saya Menang Motor

Oke the above mentioned topic has nothing to do with this post :P

After much difficulty with PETRONAS Education Sponsorship Unit (ESU) reporting upon completion of study/scholarship, I finally got an email today that cheered me well :) It was a short, simple email, but it means a lot to a penganggur like me LOL!

Dear Izza;

We are pleased to inform that you have been successful in the recent structure interview.

We will be in touch with you, once we have a suitable position that commensurate your qualification. We also would like to have your most current address or phone number for us to contact you on possible placement within the organization in the near future.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Zaira Zaib
Group Talent Sourcing
Group HRM Dept, HRM Division

I'm recommended, yay! But erh.. is bonded for 9 years. Will need to wait for the HR ppl to contact within this 6-month time nga... What to do time being?


faridfabregas said...


izza` said...

erk. ehe takpe. harap2 time org masuk umur nak kawen tuh, polisi tu da mansuh ehee

Anonymous said...

We will be in touch with you, once we have a suitable position that commensurate your qualification.

how long is "once"?

datin nana said...

congrats nyaqq!! xlme la tuh dpt kje

mashimarossa said...


open table open table~

SyaPooh said...

congrates babe...
so pasni kalo kucing ko pn dpt PET, korg jgn ajk kwn2 opis time kawen nnt...
bos pecat kang :p

Hannah said...

izza~~ congrats babe.. XD~ apekah dgn title di atas ituhh?? tade kene-mengena.. hehe

anzec said...

ko join GEMS wat smntare ni pon menarik gak.elaun pon dpt byk.try le usha2 dlu! ^_^

izza` said...

heee tengkiuk2 sumer~~

rasenye will be contacted within this 6 months. org tu ckp cmtu kt yuni la.

alamak kne open table lg ke? ehee tggu 1st pay cheque yer kwn2 eheee

anas, ak tau gak GEMS tu. tp btul2 die anta g ceruk arh. ngee tgk ar cane. maybe ak main2 try apply utk aug/sept pny intake tu ehee

kellydiba said...



waaah,rkn se-88 sudah mawu bekerjaye =)

izza` said...

hik2. doa2kn la ak cpat dpat position yek. tanak la nganggur 6 bulan isk..

Anonymous said...

congrats meow! I know u will be hired by petronas! :D

for the time being, just relax ja la at home.. u probably nvr get the chance to relax like this after u start working. oho..

again, congrats meowhhhh! :D

izza` said...

hee tengkiuk kilik~~`! ur time will come so0n too. so yea, lets lepak! XD

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