Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tribute to Late Yasmin Ahmad.

I read it in The Star Online yesterday - 'Film director Yasmin Ahmad in hospital ', 'Director Yasmin suffers a stroke, stable after brain surgery'. As I woke up this morning & was having my breakfast, dad told me, she passed away... Who would've thought that?

I was never much of a fan for Malay movies. Not that I'm too proud, not that I don't watch at all, but just not much of a fan. Not too fond of it. Rumors speculating the movies she directed was never all-good. Some even just watched it when a friend told 'em got aksi-aksi panas. Yes often Malaysian movies that are released passed the high restrictions set upon the tah badan ape yang tapis2 bende nih. Late Yasmin Ahmad's passed, but was still often highly criticized. Be it. Different people have different perspective. & let's respect that. Out of her long list of movies - Gubra, Mualaf, & er.. tataw.. the only one I watched was Sepet tho. & yeah, it wasnt bad at all!

Whats so admirable of her? You ought to read this : Tributes for Yasmin Ahmad - a news post in The Star Online, compiling a list of random Malaysians spilling out their hearts. The most beautiful thing was, people regardless of race & religion, all speaking out & expressing their admire for this Malaysian lady. 1Malaysia is on the track after all :')

A few tributes quoted:

Rest in peace Storyteller
When you made the movie "Sepet"
It is like making a story of my life
You woke every Malaysian up
You're the Shakespeare of Asian
Putting "Romeo & Juliet" in "Sepet"
You made every Malaysian
Want to be a Malaysian
You made every Malaysian
Want to watch Malaysian made movie
Thank you. - Johnny Tan

Before Sepet came along, I always have this negative feeling about Malaysian made movies. That all change because of Sepet. It made me laugh and cry at the same time, a quality that has been missing from Malaysian movies. Yasmin's theme of 1Malaysia which is only advocated by our prime minister recently has been in her movies and commercials for a long time. Though I may not have known Yasmin Ahmad personally but her personal work (commercials and movies) touched my heart personally, for that I feel like I have lost a friend. If Michael Jackson's passing is wept by the world, I think Yasmin's passing should be wept by all Malaysian regardless of race, religion or ethnic, a true hero of 1Malaysia. A great talent she definitely is. She shall be missed. - CHU SP

Isn't it just great to see all races having something in common? :)

Anyways. Since this great penganggur has nothing else better to do, I'm preparing my own tribute to the greatest corporate advertisements director (as that was what I adore most of her). Here's to you, Allahyarhammah Yasmin Ahmad.

I did a mini compilation of PETRONAS advertisements. Mind u, I bukan berat sebelah kat PETRONAS oke~~ LOL! :P I decided to compile the videos here cuz in youtube all berterabur. next time I rase nk nangis2 I open my blog aje hoho.

This one got a little girl (later Sharifah Amani) & her father bla3...

This is yet the best of all raya ads. The most heart touching. That never failed to trickle tears everytime I watch. & everytime also makes me wana maki the son in law. caya la u. muka u mmg bole bikin org menyampah!

"Burung ape?" "Burung murai.."

"Mak OK~~`". Iklan ni ending die stil buat aku tertanya2. sape leh explain?

2009? Coming soon. But who's directing? aww...

About a boy who lives with her grandmother

Another one of my fave. Makcik2 kepoh berlagak kehebatan anak masing2. Sweet jek nenek sorg tu, innocent jek ngaa :')

owh I never watched this one before actually. "old folks live together bla3.. maybe u should go visit them?"

About an orphan boy.

Another boy yg x kenang jasa bapaknya. until its too late.

not sure which year. but i like it loh.

couldn't find the exact year(s). so here's a random compilation of my personal faves.

about the two mamak restaurants competing. LOL!

the highlight of this clip would be the WHOPPAKK sound effect when the granny pukul her son ke grandson, for changing the radio. LOL LOL!

another all-time favorite. lawak tul club sblah pasar malam. Diggy D aka Muniandy Chinnadorai. Sam aka Muthusamy Karupiah. tu laa. suke2 hati lg tuka such divine names, kan nenek da marah. LOL LOL LOL!

again. these are of randomities. but the merdeka ones are always the best cuz it comprises Malaysians :D

Ow man this is the sweetest thing ever. Just look at the boys expression at the near end of the commercial. PRICELESS!

Kids are color blind. & say the darnest things. Race? u mean race car?

2 elderly men bumped into each other in hospital & was reminiscing their good old times.
"sakit ke?" - "tak"
"ey itu dia potong die kasi balik ke?" - "tak"
"bole tgk tak?" - "tak boleh~ aku sepak kang~"

"ABAH PUNYA" - touching + funny!

The boat race. Its funny how the camera focused on the toothless guy. LOL!

well. this isnt particularly in any of the mentioned above. i tink its for CNY + Raya. Lee Yan's bestfriend. touching if u ask me.

And.. that should conclude my long list of Youtube videos. Sorry la yg kt UTP tu ye, kalo nak stream, berjaga ke Suboh la korg :P

You go 1Malaysia! I support u whole-heartedly! Saye sendiri dah comprise of Malaysians! Dad's a Kelantanese Malay, Mum's a Sabahan Chinese/Kadazan (or Sino Kadazan), & the doctor who sambut me is an Indian! Dr Rajah. Oh I love Malaysia. mwah mwah!

Tribute to Allahyarhammah Yasmin Ahmad. Al-Fatihah.

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