Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Solar Eclipse Tomorrow!

Well. Partial solar eclipse only, actually, for Malaysia. But I am excited!

Whats a solar eclipse? source:Wiki
A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth so that the Sun is fully or partially covered. This can only happen during a new moon, when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction as seen from the Earth.

Quoted from The Star:

Partial solar eclipse can be observed in Msia tomorrow

KUALA LUMPUR: This century’s longest total solar eclipse can be observed as a partial solar eclipse in Malaysia between 8:23am and 9:48am on Wednesday.

However, it would be difficult to view the phenomenon with naked eyes as only 17.8% of the sun would be obscured by the moon, head of Angkasa space science research unit Mhd Fairos Asillam said.

The northern part of Peninsular Malaysia would be the best place to observe the eclipse, he said in a statement.

The total solar eclipse, which would last for six minutes and 39 seconds, would pass through Ryuku Islands in Japan and through the Pacific Ocean, he said.

Mhd Fairos said the moon’s umbral shadow would begin covering India and then Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and China.

Malaysians would be able view the live webcasts of the eclipse through the websites www.exploratorium.edu/eclipse/2009/index.html, www.saros.org/index.html and www.eclipsetv.com.

Malaysians would be able to observe a partial solar eclipse on Jan 15, 2010, March 9, 2016 and Dec 26, 2019, he said. -- Bernama

I can't exactly recall when was the last time I witnessed an eclipse. But surely remember still the time when I was young, still in studying S.R.K St Agnes. It should be in the mid/late 1990s. & was probably in weekend, since that noon when the eclipse happened, I was at home. I remembered my dad made a.. er.. thing, that allows us to see the eclipse directly with raw eyes. Filtered by this thing of course. a few pieces of unused film from the old camera film roll, layered together & using a manila card, cut it into a small window like shape where the 'mirror' would be the black film. glue em together so that the layers of film doesn't move about, n even a handle sticking out from the window-like manila card for easy holding! oh yea my dad is creative in these kinds of stuff.

That noon, we sat on the house roof, to get the best view. It was super clear & being a child, I was exteremely amused! u know, teruja~ ehe. skrg pun selalu jer teruja. tengok lembu pun teruja hoho. Anyways. I witnessed the full eclipse happening. How he sky turned dark. How the shape changes slowly. Oh oh when can I ever see a full eclipse again!

So. Wake up early tomorrow people! Especially those in the northern part! (er.. negeri mane actually? whuu jeles!)


Hannah said...

urghh.. i'm in north but cannot c a thing! dissapointed tp mostly org kt cni xmo kuar tgk.. derang ckp bad luck laa ape laa.. pnt2 je kuar msk ofis nk tgk.. hahaH~ kedah, tganu sume oke k0t..

izza` said...

huk. kecewa gak. mcm xde pape. ngare laen punye la gempak ngaa see here: http://gallery.thestar.com.my/default.asp?id=1236

jelus2 huk~

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